atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6856: Well, that was nice

I slept in today. The clock in the computer room just chimed 3 PM and I've been up for perhaps five minutes.

I don't feel guilty at all except for a weak prod from my Protestant work ethic, which I quashed by citing the facts to myself:

1) The spare room is painted. It will take 15 minutes to remove the masking tape. Taking out the carpet can be done any time; I only wanted it done last night so it could go out with today's trash. The job is not time-critical.
2) I have a job, so I don't need to be job hunting.
3) I have earned the right to sleep in one day and do nothing if that's what I want.

Went to bed last night around 1:30-ish, had trouble getting to sleep, and then finally took half a Xanax. Got up this morning, when Mrs. Fungus did; was up for a bit (maybe an hour all told), but after she left I then returned to bed. My rest subsequent to that was interrupted only by two phone calls, both of which were actually something useful and not spam (one a work-related thing; the other about Mrs. Fungus' car accident).

Otherwise, sleep--glorious slumber. Woke up with the barest beginning of a headache, indicating that it was sleep I needed.

Got a phone call yesterday afternoon from the HR person I'm dealing with at work, but didn't know it because we were in the Jeep, blasting down 294 at 70 with the windows open because I still haven't gotten the AC system purged and filled. Anyway it turned out to be that they wanted to push back my start day until the 25th.

The thing is, the company that I'm working for, they're opening a new office, and they need an on-site IT guy for it. They had trouble finding someone for the job, because the office is located in the next town over from the Fungal Vale, and like FV, the next stop out on a radial line from downtown Chicago is corn fields by the square mile. People generally don't like to commute. And there just aren't a great number of tech jobs out this way.

Generally speaking, if you live in or around the Fungal Vale, you're an IT guy, and your commute to work is less than fifteen minutes, it's because either you telecommute, or you work for Applied Systems. There aren't any other really big tech companies out this way, which is why every single IT job I've had in my career has been with a company in the west or northwest suburbs. ("Geek Squad" is not really IT so much as a retail repair job.)

I've applied for jobs with Applied Systems every time I've been unemployed, and have never even gotten an interview with them. That might be because in 1997 I interviewed with them and was offered a job, but that job offer came after I had already accepted another job offer, and I had to decline it. *sigh* In retrospect, I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't have told Linn County IT to fuck off and took the job with Applied, especially considering that Linn County employed me from mid-July until shortly after Labor Day, at which point I was fired without warning because "You're not a people person," which--prior to my most recent termination--was the biggest bullshit excuse for being fired I'd ever heard in my life, bar none.

Point being, the new office doesn't go live until October 1 and in the meantime I need training, and they couldn't get anything scheduled for that before next Wednesday--so that means I've got Monday and Tuesday to myself, but for doing work prep things like making sure my "business casual" clothing is all lined up and ready for use.

All of which can wait. Today, I am taking a "me day", and I am doing only what I feel like doing, because every day of the last three weeks I have maintained and checked an extensive "to do" list and berated myself if I wasn't able to check off at least one item from it every day.

So I'll go to the store for some needed sundries, and I'll pick up the polo shirts I dropped at the cleaners (in hopes they could de-stain them), and I'll make dinner--but only because that's what I want.


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