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#6858: More work done

Pulled off all the masking tape and sorted the stuff in the room according to where it goes: basement, toolbox, garbage, etc. Then I put up the ceiling fan, which took a bit longer than expected, but which went pretty smoothly, even so. No issues with wiring or having to juggle heavy parts, either, so that was a good thing.

Ceiling fan installed and functioning and looking good.

Sat for a while looking at the fruits of my labors, and then realized that the carpet was keeping me from doing so; and so I got the tools and started to take it out. I got one 4' wide strip removed, but it was the hardest one--it terminated at the closet doors--and the rest should be a lot easier. Then I wheeled a trash can up to the north window, slid up the screen, and heaved all the trash but for the actual carpet itself into the can: all the mess from paint prep etc, the empty paint can, the 4' wide section of padding from under the carpet, etc. I swept up tack strip rubble and staples and nails and some 37 years' worth of accumulated under-carpet cruft, and dumped it right into the trash can.

Once the carpet rolls are securely taped I'll toss them out the window as well, but not into the trash can; they'll go separately. Right now I have just one, anyway.

To my surprise, the floor underneath the carpet does not look horrible--just dirty--so what I might do is try taking oil soap and a bucket of water and mopping the thing carefully, so as to get rid of the dirt without using too much water. Going to have to look up cleaning methods for wood floors, I suppose. Mainly I just want to get rid of the dirt, but if this thing can be brought back to some reasonable appearance we might just get an area rug.

And of course we can always get quotes for refinishing it, or just hang the sense of it and get new carpeting installed. I have no real preference.

The color, "socially lime", looks sensational now that it's completely dry and the trim is de-masked. It's a warm spring green color. (Jeeze louise, when it first went on it looked like glow-in-the-dark paint, FFS.) With the ultra white ceiling, and the newly-bare walls, the space has already been transformed; it feels open and fresh. Having dispensed entirely with the dark brown 1970s blackout curtains, there's plenty of light and it almost feels as if the room has a picture window. Definitely going to want something light and airy for the window treatments in there, but that detail is Mrs. Fungus' responsibility. My job is just to execute her decisions. Which is good, because while I have the necessary technical skills, I do not have an eye for interior decorating.

* * *

On my way back from the store today I was thinking about cars, and I recalled that one company was leasing their electric car for something like $90 a month. It occurred to me that if they were still doing that, I might actually go for it. FFS, a typical leasee is two years, as I recall, and with a commute of under ten miles an electric car actually makes sense.

Not because I want to save the planet or anything; just because it helps me build a credit rating.

...but I doubt that deal is still running; and even if it were, I don't think they'd let me get away with it.

* * *

This is really funny, especially if you watched the original Johnny Quest cartoons as a kid. As I did.


* * *

Well, that's about enough for this one. More later.

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