atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#686: Wow! It's MAGIC SPAM!

Hunter Stewart sends me e-mail from the future! to ask me if I need "s0ftware". He's 17 days ahead of the rest of us! I wonder what the future is like? Tell us, Hunter! (And get the "O" key on your keyboard fixed or something.)

ching-li has something to say about sexual freedom. I'm guessing China is a lot more totalitarian than we suspected.

milo is apparently interested in construction.

ph.touya comes late to every party!

fantasy Wallace--wouldn't that be a great name for a pr0n star? Now on The XXX Network: Booty Babes starring Buck Naked and Fantasy Wallace! That would be cool.

I hate to disappoint Jacqueline Stewart but the best buds are ones you don't have to pay for. I mean, I want my buds to like me because of my personality, not because I pay them to be my friends. I think that's just wrong. (And I'm pretty sure none of my buds are illegal aliens.)

Finest Quality, what the hell am I supposed to do with two watches? Wear one on each wrist? Maybe set one to Philippines time so I know what time it is for the girlfriend I DON'T HAVE ANYMORE?? FUCK YOU FINEST QUALITY! YOU MADE ME SAD!

* * *

Sometimes this stuff writes itself. And I bet you all wish it didn't.

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