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#6859: Okay, let's begin with outraged incredulousness today

"Today in chapel, we confessed to plants."

"Union has been a spiritual dumpster fire for generations,..."

They're serious. They claim to be Christian. They're confessing their sins to houseplants.

This is one of those things that, when I see it, my brain just stalls. My first reaction approximates WHAT IN THE EVERLASTING FUCK-- but that's just a reflex, and when it's over there is nothing behind it. There can't be. Something like this, it's utterly divorced from Christianity; it's got no connection to anything in Scripture or even the scholarly writings that came to be part of the doctrine of the Church. It''s nonsense, but that word doesn't--can't--encapsulate the enormity of how nonsensical it is.


* * *

Crystals are very pretty. They also have absolutely NO HEALTH BENEFITS WHATSOEVER. Funny how the article doesn't mention that point.

Then again, at the bottom of the page there's a bleg about climate change and species extinction, so I guess I understand why.

* * *

The usual disconnect between critics and average viewers is on display here. The latest "Rambo" movie scored well with audiences and badly with critics, where Ad Astra did exactly the opposite.

Ad Astra with spoilers. The ninth paragraph begins, "A spacecraft flies from the moon to Mars," and that paragraph contains an entire movie's worth of science errors, and it's only about one small bit of the movie.

So, no, not gonna see it. But that was already pretty obvious from the way that Arse Technica kept posting articles gushing about how wonderful it is.

From that link: "The filmmakers have clearly put effort into getting some of the physics right,..." but from the former link it's obvious that they did not. Typical.

* * *

Democrats tried to turn this into a Trump scandal, but it backfired when the facts came out. Turns out there's a credible allegation that Biden "...abused his position as Vice President to strongarm Ukraine into firing its top prosecutor--who was leading a wide-ranging investigation into Biden's son Hunter and the natural gas firm that paid him $50,000 per month despite his total lack of experience."

So, not Trump--didn't even happen during his administration, but Obama's.

This about sums it up.
So--the current US President asked Ukraine to conduct a legal investigation into the former US Vice President, who openly bragged about withholding $1 billion in US loan guarantees unless they fired the guy investigating his son and his son's company--and there was no quid pro quo offered in exchange for that investigation--at least not on that phone call.
Trump asked Ukraine to investigate a possible crime. Biden threatened Ukraine with sanctions unless they stopped investigating his son.

You do the math.

* * *

Power failed twice; both times only one phase went down. Somehow, though, this utterly confused something, and now I can't connect to the internet. Everything's supposed to be on UPS, but somehow the switch got bolluxed. I restarted it, and now things are working again, so, WTF.

* * *

"Conservative black activist Candace Owens told a congressional panel on Friday that white supremacy has a minimal impact on the black community, and that America should instead focus on black-on-black crime and the breakdown of the family." "Black-on-black crime" comes primarily from gangs; if the big cities were serious about eliminating crime they'd find ways to get rid of the gangs first, because gangs commit most of the violent crimes anyway. But the cities aren't interested in that. Gangs bring in drugs, and everyone gets a piece of that pie.

"The breakdown of the family" is something that has been ongoing, by design. In order to seize power, the left has been trying to destroy the family, systematically going about it by championing abortion-on-demand, no-fault divorce, and an extensive welfare system. To stop "the breakdown of the family" we first need to stop the left.

* * *

Head of an English department in New Jersey is thrilled to be throwing books away. Because she doesn't like the ideas in them. I'm perfectly willing to Godwin myself and say that this is a tactic of which Hitler approved. But not just Hitler; Lenin and Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot and Castro and Arafat and-and-and.

* * *

CNN is now trying to conflate the desire to own guns with racism. That's right: you're racist if you insist on your right to own a firearm.

CNN seems to have forgotten that gun control has always been a Democrat platform, and was originally emplaced to keep black people from owning firearms. The only actual racism inherent in this discussion comes from Democrats.

As always, they're projecting.

* * *

Speaking of gun control, "...[J]ust who the hell do you think you are, pray tell?" The left loves to tell us what we should and shouldn't do, especially when it comes to things which enhance our freedom.

* * *

She's wise to be concerned. That's one of those really dangerous, scary, black, assault jacks with the shoulder thing that goes up! And he's got it strapped to the hood of his Jeep! How dare he??

Makes me want to get one, myself, and bolt it to my truck.

* * *

Extremely rich white leftist scolds other white people for being white which, I expect, makes for a totally boring and unwatchable "documentary".

* * *

Two hours of work from a fully-charged battery, after which the battery must be charged for eight hours. Bonus points if you guess how they're charging the battery at a construction site--before you watch the video.

* * *

Ignorant children always resort to saying, "Well, you're old! What do you know? Well, we've seen the climate hype and hysteria once too often to be taken in by it, for one thing.

* * *

Anti-gun nuts seize on the phrase they like and ignore the rest. They're claiming victory because Colt is no longer making AR-15s for the civilian market.

...because no one wants to pay $1,000 for a rifle they can buy for $500. There's plenty of demand for AR-15s at $500, but not much at $1,000. If anything is winning, here, it's capitalism and the Second Amendment.

* * *

Canadians are subjects, not citizens.

* * *

Nearly all the violent crime in Chicago comes from gangs.
Kidnapping and executing a nine-year-old boy isn't something that happens because of lax gun laws. This is something that happens because growing up in a crime-ridden, gang-infested neighborhood in Chicago, and becoming members of a violent street gang has turned these two men into monsters with shit for souls.
That's really all it is. If the guy had not had a gun, he would have used a knife. Or a baseball bat. Or a piece of broken glass. Or--

* * *

Oh, come on. If they guy understood economics he wouldn't be a Democrat, for fuck's sake. But I do like the facts included in the article: "Less than six-tenths of one percent of global greenhouse gases come from all US animal agriculture."

* * *

A bunch of very amusing Star Trek memes.

* * *

It's a cloudy day. No rain around here, not even in the entire county. They say it's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow.

We'll see, I suppose.

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