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#6866: There is a reason for all this

I'm going to be writing an in-depth post on Sunday to explain everything that's been going on. Right now I'm too tired to make any sense but I need to do something besides sit and try not to fall asleep. I tried watching Haruhi season 2, picking up where I left off last month when I finished "Endless Eight", but it's just not holding my interest at all.

So, let me have a little bit of a gander around the tubzorz .

* * *

Apparently the whistleblower whose testimony prompted the latest Democrat push to impeach, that guy heard the story seconhand, making it hearsay. But that's okay, because just prior to that, the CIA decided to accept hearsay instead of insisting on first-hand evidence.

"Well, guys, if you've heard anything, let us know."

"Oh! Oh! Ohh!! My cousin's wife's brother's friend's sister heard that someone saw Ferris pass out at 31 flavors last night. Guess it's pretty serious."

"Thank you, Simone! That's just what we need to get him!!!"


Meanwhile, marriage rates are falling because there is a dearth of "economically attractive men". You know what that means, don't you?

It means there aren't enough rich guys to go around.

* * *

Funny thing: the other day I was reading one of my stalled rewrite projects, the one with the big flashback section. I got to the flashback but had to stop reading it--got busy with some other things--and a couple days later I was thinking about it and realized that I'd figured out how to get going from where I'd been stuck. Great!

...couple days after that I continued reading it, got to the end of the extant flashback sequence, and found that I had used exactly that technique to continue the story.

Well, at least I'm consistent.

Really do need to finish AV and get some of this other stuff out the door, too.

* * *

Friday night was amazingly stormy. Rain, lightning, thunder, tornado watch, the whole nine yards.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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