atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#687: I have self-control!

I went to Borders today after buying shoes. They didn't have much of anything that I wanted, again.

I specifically went there to buy Ai Yori Aoshi, but they had volume 2, 9-11, and 13-17. That makes it kind of hard for someone like me who would like to, oh, start at the beginning.

Anyway I grabbed Ichigo 100% 1 and 2, and was looking to see if there was anything else I might want when a girl ran over to the manga section and started looking at stuff.

I didn't even look at her, except in my peripheral vision. I got the impression of someone maybe ten or twelve and blond.

"Oh!" She said to her younger sister. "I like this anime!"

Shut up, I thought.

"I never read this anime before!"

It's "manga", you silly twit. "Anime" is the stuff you see on TV. I wanted to say it, but I settled for thinking it really hard.

"Oh, look at this anime!"

You will go to jail if you kill her, I reminded myself.

What is it about other peoples' kids that makes them so fricking annoying? My brother's kids don't bother me like that; my sister's kids don't bother me like that--and my nieces and nephews are far from paragons of behavior--so why the hell does the same kind of behavior from stranger's podlings bothers the crap out of me?

I was in a bad mood anyway, because my foot was still hurting, the drive to the mall had been annoying, and fricking Borders never seems to have anything I want to buy. (AND I'd forgotten my coupons and stuff at home.)

It was impossible for me to concentrate on what I was trying to find. I finally had to look at each freaking title because I couldn't remember that I was looking for Here is Greenwood 3, Someday's Dreamers 4, Suzuka 5 (which I don't think is out yet), and Strawberry Marshmallow 4. None of which they had. But hey! They do have multiple copies of a manga collection about a woman who is raising an autistic child! (WTFF!)

<* * *>

...manga about raising an autistic child. There really is something for everyone in the manga world, isn't there?

You can't get OL Shinkaron here. Yawara! is still MIA--anime and manga--and there are a host of other manga series which damn well ought to be here, but aren't, for reasons which are beyond my ability to comprehend. But if you go to the Borders in Matteson IL you can buy several copies of a manga story about a woman raising an autistic kid! It's sure to be a laugh a minute!!!


But I don't turn into a big green monster and go HULK FUCKIN' SMASH EVERYTHING because I have self-control.

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