atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6871: You'd feel like crap, too, damn it

Yesterday was one big long bout of physical labor. First I spent 6+ hours cleaning out my office and trying to make sense of the crap left there by its previous occupant; and then, when I got home, I spent four more hours replacing the alternator in the Jeep.

Slept well enough, but this morning my entire body just ached with fatigue and it was a struggle to get myself to do anything useful. Still, I managed to get through the rest of the mystery machines in my office, and cleaned up a little more, and found places for stuff, such that the only things remaining on the floor of my office are two monitors and a UPS battery. A big one, a bit smaller than a car battery.

Had some more training meetings today, and this time I actually went and got lunch, so it was a major improvement in that respect. Took a fan with me so I wasn't constantly sweltering, wore jeans and sneakers (because that's what just about everyone wears there) and put a picture of my wife on my desk.

This afternoon, then, I was sitting in my chair and waiting for a mystery machine to boot, and it hit me: I have my own office, and it has a window. And in the afternoon, the sun shining through the leaves on the tree outside makes a lovely pattern.

Soon I'll be watching it snow through that window.

* * *

...not long after writing that, I realized I could not keep my eyes open, and went and laid down in bed. Next thing I knew my wife was waking me up, an hour and a half later.

Me, tired? Naw!

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