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It has to be the change in my sleep schedule. After all that time where I didn't have to get up until 1 PM, now I get up six hours earlier, and it's just not all that easy to change.

On top of that, there's all the physical labor I did on Monday, and that's got my freaking rib cage hurting like a bitch. Right across the diaphragm, and it hurts whenever I move my arms or lay down. Naturally the hypochondriac in me is coming up with several thousand disaster scenarios where I have this or that fatal malady, but the real problem is that I'm 52 years old and out of shape and I spent four hours wrenching on the truck after I'd spent a good six hours lifting and moving and carrying stuff to clean my office. Something got strained, and strained muscles hurt.

Yesterday and today, I came home from work and flopped out. Today I could barely keep my eyes open on the way home from work.

Well, I've got the weekend to rest up. Monday comes soon enough.

* * *

There they are, trying to sell "nuclear winter" again. Nuclear winter was this horseshit cooked up by anti-American scientists who wanted the US to unilaterally disarm and give in to the USSR, but they couldn't say that, so instead they came up with cockamamie schemes like "nuclear winter" in order to scare as many people as they possibly could into being anti-nuclear.

As is the case with man-made global warming, the case for nuclear winter makes a whole ton of assumptions about how effective certain climate forcings are.
With estimates of fire extent and the amount of combustible material in those areas, the researchers ran climate-model simulations of what the soot--16 to 36 million metric tons of it--would do in the atmosphere. They actually used the same model that recently produced a simulation of the Chicxulub impact at the end-Cretaceous mass extinction.

Simply put, soot would block about 20% to 30% of the Sun's light, globally. That's a decrease of about 30W to 60W per square meter of the Earth's surface. For comparison, the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo caused a decrease of 4W per square meter. The result would be a 2°C to 5°C (about 4°F to 9°F) global cooling. Temperatures would reach their lowest after about three years and maintain that level for another four years. Getting back to previous temperatures would take over a decade.
So, here's the thing. According to NASA--who fall on the warmista side of the "climate change" question--Pinatubo's 1992 eruption emitted some 20 million tons of particulates into the atmosphere. The Arse Technica article doesn't say so, but that one eruption cooled the planet by 0.5 degrees.

So how can a full-on nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan, generating about 26 million tons (the average of 16 and 36 million) of soot, have a result ten times greater than that of Pinatubo's eruption? Or even four times greater?

Why would 26 million tons of man-made stuff reduce solar insolation 15 times as much as 20 million tons of similar stuff from a volcano? Let alone 7.5 times as much?

Furthermore, the Earth averages somewhere around 1,000 watts of solar insolation per square meter at sea level. 30% of 1,000 is three hundred watts, not sixty. Sixty watts is six percent of the average, not thirty.

None of these numbers add up, which comes as absolutely no surprise to me at all, whatsoever. They don't add up because if you do the math correctly there's no case for "nuclear winter".

* * *

The Democrats have felt this way for a long time, but only recently has it become possible for them to say so, openly and in so many words. And with the emotion they feel when they realize that personal ownership of firearms is standing between them and the power they crave.

* * *

The only people surprised by this are the media and the left. Those of us who support Trump, we know who the "Never Trump" asshats are; we know their politics. We know them because they have consistently acted to thwart the expressed will of the people and to concentrate power over the country in Washington, D.C.

* * *

Related: Opportunistic "moderate" Republicans want to try to oust Trump with primaries. Romney is probably the Platonic ideal of "Republican In Name Only", for crying out loud.

Go ahead and waste your time and money, assholes, on a doomed prospect, so the people can see just how useless you are.

* * *

Woman starts screaming about how we need to eat babies to stop global warming, and Representative Horseteeth doesn't even issue a minor reproof. Something like, "No, we do not need to start eating babies, you lunatic!"

* * *

Why are you surprised? They did this in Aurora, too. Planned Parenthood knows that people don't want abortion mills in their neighborhoods, so of course they do it in secret and use shell companies to buy the land etc. That way, no one learns of what the place is until it's too late to do anything about it.

Just imagine what the outcry would be like if someone were to build a refinery or a nuclear power plant using a scheme like that....

* * *

Oh, don't be so hard on the reporters here. Their story is technically accurate and they only left out one little detail!

Yes, the black man was put in jail for being late to jury duty. Yes, the judge is white. These facts are all true! Why are you focusing on one little thing that's mostly irrelevant?

Okay, okay, yes. It is true that the guy basically didn't show up for jury duty after he'd been selected as a juror, thus making himself several days late. And it's also true that he ignored court summons requiring his presence. But I think that in citing all those details, you're missing the real point here, that WHITE JUDGE IS RACISS!!!!!!

* * *

Speaking of editorial dishonesty take a look at the transcript of the phone call over which the Democrats want to impeach Trump. All the text that has been red-lined, that's text that the major news media in the US simply omitted. Just replaced it with an ellipsis ("...") and carried on.

Then they get all shocked and butthurt when people stop listening to them. *rolleyes*

* * *

Tell me that Robert De Niro does not habitually wear those f-ing stupid-looking platform shoes. Tell me that was while he was shooting a movie. Please.

* * *

This is the kind of thing which forces them to justify their cognitive dissonances and that's why the left hates it.

"ISLAM IS RIGHT ABOUT WOMEN," said the signs, and the left fell all over itself denouncing the stunt. Heh.
I think the source of the objection is as follows: "I thought we had all agreed to pretend not to have any negative opinions about Islam. But this statement forces me either to agree with it, which I don't, or disagree with it, which I'm not allowed to."
I notice that if, like me, you don't pretend not to have any negative opinions about islam, the signs become humorously subversive.

* * *

Yes, Chicago was built on a swamp. An interesting bit of history.

* * *

Philip K. Dick and Robert Heinlein. If there was anything Heinlein had, it was civility, and he was polite to people. Courtesy was one of his things. I can no more imagine Heinlein yelling at someone for having the wrong opinion than I can fail to imagine Gordon Ramsay not yelling at someone for trying to serve undercooked chicken.

* * *

This morning, I turned the heat on. WTF, it's October, and it was 66 in the house.

It's also past time to drain the pool, so I'll get that started this weekend, and I've got to change the oil in Mrs. Fungus' car. It's supposed to be rainy, though, so I'll focus on that, and worry about the grass later.

Meloxicam is a non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory drug, and my doctor prescribed it for me the last time I had this stupid pain in my lower rib cage; and like then, it works. I went from groaning in pain whenever I moved to a quite tolerable soreness within an hour of taking it.

Still wouldn't say "no" to Vicodin if he'd prescribe it for me, though.

But! It's now been a week since my "adventure" in Houston. This time seven days ago I was just about getting to the hotel room. How time flies!

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