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#6875: Wait--is it Sunday?

Yesterday was spent in a chaotic haze of random sleep and WoW. I have no idea how much time I spent on either activity, but I know I slept a lot yesterday.

The pain in my ribs turned out to be an epic flareup of IBS, because early Saturday morning (around 1-ish) I noticed that it had moved. Obviously I ate something that disagreed with me in spectacular fashion, but I have no idea what it could have been. And maybe it's just the stress of the trip to Houston and then starting a new job.


* * *

Socialism always fails, regardless of who is doing it, and of what scale it's being tried. Panera's experiment with it (their dumb "pay what you can for what you need" stores) turned out exactly the same way it always turns out.

Anyone who thinks socialism can work has never been educated in basic economic concepts. "Tragedy of the Commons" and "the free rider problem" are discussions they have never had with anyone.

* * *

STFU Jeb Bush. You're a moron.

* * *

Another take on the Horseteeth vs. LaRouche plant "eat the babies!" story. Heh.

* * *

The Chicago Teachers' Union is unhappy that Chicago wants to give them "only" a 16% raise this year. CTU is communist to the core until it comes time to the value of their labor; then they're not so hot on "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need". At contract time, it's all about maximizing their income, and screw the kids.

* * *

This is some interesting information about the so-called "impeachment" proceedings.

During the week, while going out for lunch, for laughs I put on Rush Limbaugh. He was talking about how the impeachment was being done via the Intelligence committee in order to keep it off the record, but the above article includes some much-needed context for that claim.

Yes the Democrats are trying to do this on the sly, and them wanting to keep stuff out of the public eye is typical (they hate oversight) but the other side of that coin is that the last thing they want is formal impeachment proceedings.

Here's the thing: every time they have tried to pin something on Trump--every last time--it has backfired on them, sometimes badly. Nothing has moved the needle the way they thought it would.

With this issue, they think (hope) they have something they can use to oust him, but they have a huge problem in that there are plenty of ways for this to come back on them because--as was the case with every other scandal they've tried to pin on Trump--the Democrats are the ones who've acted badly.

In actual impeachment proceedings, both sides get subpoena powers, which means the GOP could require that certain parties produce evidence which would show exactly how far they'd gone in trying to gin up the "russian collusion" story.

Understand, this would hurt the Democrats very, very badly.

This is why Nancy Pelosi doesn't want there to be any formal impeachment; it would allow the GOP carte blanche to dig up all the skeletons from the 2016 elections and quite possibly lead to the exhuming of the Obama administrations' skeletons. With all of the evidence out in the open and entered into the congressional record, the FBI would no longer be able to politely pretend that nothing was amiss; and when the smoke cleared from that bloodbath the current Democrat majority would be a thing of the past, and would remain so for many terms to come.

The wise thing for the Democrat party to do at this point is simply to stop doing anything and ride out Trump's term, but they're not going to do that; their core constituency has Trump Derangement Syndrome so badly they can't take a step back and do the "inhale, exhale" thing and try to think calmly. Forget going to eleven; one mention of the man's name and they're immediately pegged at twelve, flying into a frothing rage. They want Trump impeached; nothing else will do.

But there's nothing to impeach him for.

Understand, every single charge that's been leveled at Trump has turned out to be nothing more than wishful thinking at best and projection at worst. The most recent kerfluffle turned out to be based on hearsay, and flopped, but they're doubling down on it. Meanwhile the general electorate is becoming increasingly fatigued with the ever-present cycle of imagined scandal after imagined scandal.

At some point the Democrats have to put up or shut up. In order to impeach Trump, there have to be articles of impeachment; and once there are, the GOP gets subpoena power just like the Democrats do. The Democrats can't afford that.

And they know it.

* * *

As for me, abdomen is still painful--though much better--so I think I'll go lay down.

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