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#6877: Now I am very irritated.

It's nothing major. Just--

Today I went to lunch, as usual, but not as usual I went to Schoop's. There's one not too far from work and I didn't want any of the usual fast food.

Ordered a double cheeseburger and fries. Came in a clamshell carry-out tray, the kind all sorts of restaurants use. Took it back to work, sat at my desk, and started eating; only when I picked up the burger I had to stop and gape incredulously at it.

This thing was gigantic. The frigging burger was 6" across FFS. And two patties, two slices of cheese, condiments, etc. All right, if I spread my hand and lay it atop the burger, my fingers would extend about 1" past the circumference of the bun on all sides. Huge.

To my surprise, I ate it all, and 90% of the fries. I was confident that there was absolutely no way I'd be hungry for the rest of the day, though, because that was a lot of food, even for me.

Lunch got interrupted by a meeting I had to attend, virtually. Resumed lunch break at 1:35 and was back on the clock at 2. Then quitting time came and I headed home. Sat down here and started doing the pre-blog surf...and caught myself thinking, Damn, what have I got to snack on?


Okay, yeah, I finished that burger at 12:30 and it's now 6:30, but for friggin' my snack, how much food do I need in one day?


Anyway, that's it.

* * *

Come to think of it, this is correct. If indeed "the science is settled!" then why do we need to keep funding research? I mean, if we've figured something out, there's no point to doing more work on it; it won't get more proven, after all. Right?

Right! So, let's cut all climate research, since we already know how it works.

* * *

So, apparently Yale has more sexual assaults on campus than Detroit has within its city limits. That's right: the Yale campus is more dangerous than Detroit is.

* * *

Let a blockquote tell the tale.
I'll tell you, as a man, the idea of a gender-neutral bathroom terrifies me because I am afraid of the potential to be falsely accused of spying on a woman in the toilet. Imagine being a boss and seeing a female subordinate you just reprimanded go into the stall next to yours.
Or, even worse, imagine being a woman, trying to use the toilet, having some creep standing on the toilet and leering over the divider at you.

They're doing this stupid crap for the sake of a vanishingly small minority (half a percent of the population at most).

* * *

So, let's talk about atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Below about 150 parts per million, all plant life on Earth dies. Do you understand that? I don't mean "it gets hard to grow food"; I mean IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GROW FOOD because ALL THE PLANTS ASPHYXIATE.

Plants need carbon dioxide the same way you and I need oxygen. They cannot--CAN NOT--survive without a certain percentage of the atmosphere being carbon dioxide.

180 PPM is considered "natural, pre-industrial" levels of CO2. When the planet gets cold, as in an ice age, carbon dioxide is pulled from the atmosphere faster than it's created. Absent human carbon emissions, the next ice age likely would have caused the eventual extinction of all life on Earth, as the plants died off and the animals followed suit.

We need more CO2.

* * *

By the way, coral reefs are "marvelously resilient" and can live through bad climate conditions.

* * *

Sunday I realized that Floristica was sounding like a 747 on takeoff, so I shut it down and cleaned it. There was a cat's worth of cat fluff all over the intake grille and the processor heat sink. Again.

With all that stuff cleaned off, she's quiet again.

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