atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6879: iPhone 8!

Finally got my frigging phone today. I ordered it on Sep 30 FFS.

iPhone 8, space grey, 64 MB. Chose that over a Samsung Galaxy 9 because I have an Android phone, and with a whole bunch of people at that company itching to get themselves iPhones now that they've been approved by corporate, I figured it'd be better to have one so I could configure it and work with it and know its foibles, since the iPhone 8 will be the "standard model" for a couple years at least.

Anyway, it was delivered yesterday but got lost in the bowels of Receiving; today they tracked it down and I finally got the thing about 3:30 PM.

My work was otherwise done for the day, so I started in on it. Of course there's a configuration tool that I don't have access to; having been given access to it I was still unable to add my phone to the "allowed" list because my name wasn't on the right list for that. My supervisor added it for me but it had not percolated through the system by 5 PM so I said, "Hell with it," and came home. I can futz around with this nonsense on Monday.

It's smaller than my LG Stylo 2V, weighs more, and came with the second-worst pair of earbuds I've tried. They don't stay in my ears; I can get them wedged in so they sound good, but the slightet movement of my head and they pop out enough that the bass is lost and it sounds like an old pocket AM radio.

"Apple earpods", they're called--they're the wired kind--and they're crappy and uncomfortable and cost $30. My $20 set of Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds from 2009 are more comfortable, fit better, and sound much better than these do.

Anyway, I'll get an adaptor for that, so I can use GOOD earbuds with the thing, and I'm going to get a good strong protective case for it as well. Tomorrow.

* * *

Saw a picture of the new Ford Bronco. Nice looking truck, but for one detail: the grille. Ford, I'm saying this as a friend: LOSE THAT SHIT NOW.

It looks like ass. Big block letters spelling out FORD--it makes it look like a toy built for a three-year-old.

What's wrong with some plain vertical or horizontal bars?

* * *

Of course the taxpayers that can leave Illinois are doing so. Why wouldn't they? The Democrat machine is dead set on wrecking the state economy.

* * *

This is why they started saying "climate change" instead of "global warming".

* * *

The lesson here is "don't be a frigging douchebag."

I don't feel any sympathy for the guy, either. You know why? Because that's what he and his kind want to happen to right-wingers. SJWs want right-wingers to be incandescently, radioactively unemployable.

* * *

Today I actually did things--useful things--and accomplished tasks. Fixed a couple of things, too, and experienced a moment of joy while I worked.


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