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#6881: HAGIBIS??

The typhoon hitting Toji Beach is named "Hagibis" and it's a pretty strong one.

...the video feed went down, of course, because I expect the power has failed. But when I look at the map in that post, I can see that if the thing hadn't turned it would have made landfall right where that beach is. Toji Beach is not so very far from Toyko--a way west and a bit south--and even though the storm's eye appears not to have made landfall, Toji Beach and the town that sits on it were probably subjected to the full brunt of the storm, the place near the eyewall where the winds and rain are strongest.

Watching it last night...I'm not sure how far the beach is, from the road to the waterline, but it's got to be close to a hundred meters. Between the road and the beach itself there's a three-foot-high concrete barrier. And when I was watching last night--it would have been maybe 2 or 3 PM Japan local time--waves were dashing against those barriers. A heck of a storm surge: the road's got to be a good ten feet higher than sea level, judging by the slope of the beach.

But typhoons are nothing new to the Japanese and they build their homes and businesses to handle them, unlike Americans in Florida and other coastal cities. There will inevitably be damage and some flooding but it's nothing they can't handle.

* * *

Please. You guys have been trying to sell this line of shit for fifty years. Longer, actually; doomsaying is like the third-oldest profession (behind "prostitute" and "farmer", no particular order).

But we've been listening to these people foretell of mass starvation and so forth since 1968, and they've been claiming it was because of human overpopulation and pollution and blah blah blah. In the 1970s it was a new ice age brought on by man-made particulate emissions. Later it was runaway global warming brought on by human carbon emissions. The predictions always include famine and ruin.

THEY HAVE BEEN WRONG EVERY SINGLE LAST TIME. They have been completely, utterly wrong; there has never been a prediction issued by any of these nitwits which has been even slightly correct. For the last fifty years we have been not more than fifteen years away--usually less--from ecological ruin and catastrophe and resource starvation and "billions dead."

Longer. Since Malthus. Since before Malthus, but he was the first one to be "scientific" about it.

So, no--I don't believe it.

* * *

I don't care who you are. Someone touching you on the arm is not sexual assault. But the British legal system sure seems intent on putting a guy in jail because he touched a woman on the arm and she felt "threatened" by it.

There's a twittle in that post where a woman says, "Dear every man in America, I'm sitting at the bar by myself because I want to. Please be self-aware enough to know when we are simply not interested in carrying on conversation. Sincerely, all women".

Translation: "Dear men: Why aren't you able to read minds yet?"

The people who need to be "self-aware" are the women who expect men to automatically know what they want. When it seems as if, half the time, they don't even know themselves.

* * *

Seasonal temperatures today, and clear. We need to go buy curtains for the spare room. *sigh* Well, I need to get a case for my work phone, anyway, so I guess that's okay.

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