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#6885: I actually closed more than a couple tickets today

I think I closed five. For once I was able to work, instead of having to push against lack of access or nonfunctional software or-or-or; and when I can actually do things, mirabile visu I get them done.

Got two machines returned to the network and fully functional. Got power to a wireless access point. Verified that a couple computers were still being used and didn't need to be taken off the network. Fixed a guy's inability to connect to the network. Verified that a person wasn't on legal hold status and started imaging her new laptop, and further I ran a couple errands for my boss that involved me going to the server room and measuring for cables. Very busy day today.

I don't mind at all.

Yesterday I ordered a headphone adaptor for the iPhone. $10 from Amazon, and with my Prime membership it was basically free overnight shipping. Of course I ordered the wrong damned one; I'd come home from work hoping to be able to listen to Pandora while cutting the east 40, but that was a no-go.

The cable I bought is still (probably) useful, though, so I don't think I'll send it back.

So I ordered the right cable just a little bit ago; I should have it in my hands about this time tomorrow. Whee.

* * *

The Soviet Union, China, none of the communist nations could have invented the smart phone. The meme calls it a "space phone" which is not far wrong.

Want to know something interesting? The actual useful range of a cell phone is much greater than a couple of miles, at least if you're talking "straight up". So what if you had a constellation of satellites in low Earth orbit, and these satellites pretended to be cell towers?

Someone's actually researching this, believe it or not, and it works seamlessly with existing phones. Which is to say, the cellular satellites ignore certain information from the cell phones and just chat away with them as if they were ground stations. The cell phones don't know the difference, either...and the result is that suddenly your average everyday smartphone becomes usable anywhere in the world that you can get satellite reception.

Without special hardware. Without special service. And there's no reason it can't work the other way, too--which is to say, someday soon a NASA astronaut could make the first cellular phone call from ISS.

But it's not China that's doing this. It's not any of the totalitarianist socialist countries that did anything to invent any of the technology used to make this happen. It all came from the free world.

* * *

When a big corporation goes belly-up, everyone suffers. The bigwigs on the board of directors actually suffer least in those circumstances.

The first duty of a corporation is not to go bankrupt. The second duty is to provide dividends for its stockholders. A lot of businesses are losing sight of those two painfully simple and vitally important rules.

* * *

The conviction of Alger Hiss was why the left hated Richard Nixon so much. But Hiss was a communist spy.

* * *

I know this headline is incorrect. I'd bet money that Trump was not the one who had the meltdown. Why? Because Pelosi was the one who stormed out of the office, that's why.


And notice please that an actual impeachment vote has been taken off the table yet again?

The Democrats--at least, the old guard--know they can't impeach President Trump. They know they don't have anything, and that all that impeachment would end up doing for them is to hand the GOP a huge fricking nail-studded Louisville Slugger with which to hit them, over and over again, until candy came out. Impeachment would be a disaster for Democrats, because then the GOP would subpoena all kinds of people--people whom the Democrats absolutely cannot allow to be questioned under oath--and there's only so much "Arkancide" that can happen before even the FBI's willful blindness must fail.

* * *

The would-be tyrants do not understand the consequences of the policies they advocate. Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke is not going to be President, thank all that's holy.

* * *

LeBron James is a communist asshat. Enough said about that.

* * *

The only truly useful class I took in high school was typing. Literally.

Today I touch-type and my handwriting is horrible. *sigh*

* * *

Wow. I mean, even Iowans who don't ride bicycles talk about RAGBRAI every year.

This is indeed so: "America to the Media: You're fired."


* * *

"It must have been a fake gun, because the CTA has all those signs up that don't allow guns."

* * *

"...Since they still don’t have a final cut, there is no way in hell the CGI will be ready in time." The Rise of Skywalker sounds like it'll be pretty bad even without discussing whatever problems may plague the CGI.

* * *

There is a very easy explanation for this. It comes in two parts.

1) The government is very heavily subsidizing the "green economy". Hundreds of billions of dollars are being funneled into it. Of course it's going to grow.

2) The "fossil fuel industry" is a mature market--which is to say, no matter how many cars you may own, you can only drive one at a time. The same thing goes for every other avenue where fossil fuels are used. Power plants: you're not going to build a new power plant next to an old one; you'll replace the old one with a new one that's more efficient.

Like that.

* * *

Made chili for dinner last night and it came out perfect, so we're having it again tonight.

Got home from work and cut the east 40, so that's done for at least another week.

* * *

One of the neat things you can do with the iPhone 8 is to take time-lapse movies. I set the phone on the windowsill in the spare room and let it run for about 20 minutes while the sun set, and the result is interesting, but I can't get it onto Floristica to look at it.

Not sure if it's Mrs. Fungus' lightning cable that's the problem, or the computer's front USB ports, or what. I'll see if I can do it at work tomorrow with a Windows 10 machine.


Anyway, it also can do slow-motion, and I captured about 10 seconds' (real time) worth of the ceiling fan spinning and the clock ticking. It's neat to see the fan blades turn slowly and the clock pendulum crawl back and forth.

Maybe this weekend I'll try lighting some kind of firework and film it in slow motion....

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