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#6890: Believe it when I see it

Nine times the energy density of a lithium ion battery. A car with one of these batteries would get about a 1,500 mile range out of the thing, but it's single-use--can't be recharged--and must be replaced when exhausted.

9 times the energy density--that'll start a dandy fire if it gets hit wrong.

* * *

For the sake of 0.4% of the population, teenagee girls will be leered at by the 94.6% of teenage boys who are straight.

* * *

Compare the cost of one SLS with the entire cost of the Falcon 9 program and then explain to me why you still think government can do anything in an economicaly and speedy fashion.

* * *

Stalled for 3 hours--good thing it was an October night and not a July afternoon.

* * *

"Gee, What Could It Be...?" On the economics of retail stores in high-crime areas.

* * *

Made the mistake of having two McRibs for dinner last night. Caused gut malf, which is the one thing you don't want when you have a case of diverticulitis. So I spent my day being miserable at work. Same level of pain as before, feeling generally cruddy.

This evening I sat down with Mrs. Fungus and discussed the current symptoms, with a view to deciding whether I should go to urgent care or the ER; ultimately we decided that I'm okay just to wait it out, at least for now. I hard-boiled five eggs; that will be breakfast/lunch tomorrow and I'm going to see if I can't get some soup to pad that out. And if not, I should be able to manage, even so.

Doc's office opens at 9 AM and Mrs. Fungus wants me to call them, so I'll do that, but from here I don't think there's anything they could really do for me, other than put me on low-residue/clear liquids for a little while. Hard-boiled eggs and soup are the way to go, here.

*sigh* What a pain.

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