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I need to be on a low-residue/liquid diet in order to give my stupid colon a chance to rest and heal. Past experience has taught me that I cannot survive on clear liquids alone.

Doc recommended "low residue" but yesterday I had some chicken broth during lunch and it made my stomach feel good. Continued that by having more soup for dinner, as well as lime gelatin and some pudding.

The pain is gradually lessening. Today I had several pain-free periods.

My mood has been mercurial. I've been depressed, then fine, then pissed off, then fine. I'm sick of my gut hurting, I'm sick of eating hard-boiled eggs, and I'm sick of the constant headache that I've had since Monday evening, due to the lack of food.

The fact that the pain goes away is a good sign. I expect I'll need more antibiotics, though, because it's not receding very quickly.

I just cheated and had two peanut butter cookies. Everything in them is "low residue", though, including the flour. I don't know why that is, but apparently white bread is considered "low residue", too. My plan is to have eggs and toast for dinner, and see how I tolerate that. I do not expect to have a problem with them; and if that works, then tomorrow's food can be egg sandwiches instead of hard-boiled eggs.

There are problems, of course. The antibiotics have wrecked my intestinal flora. The problem is, if you have an infection in your gut you need to wreck it, because something is chewing on something you need. (I'm going to start eating yogurt in a day or two.) And so?

So, this evening, as I was waiting for 5 PM to come, my gut started making some very ominous noises. I actually left at 4:55 because there was nothing I could do in five minutes and I needed to hit the can. I was going to suffer a warp core breach, and I didn't want to wreck the bathroom at work.

Got home, hit the can. It was just as bad as I'd anticipated; what I had not anticipated was the fact that it smelled exactly like the fucking hard-boiled eggs that I've been choking down for two and a half days. It was extremely nauseating.

Besides that, the pudding I bought doesn't agree with me. Had chicken soup, then lime gelatin, then pudding for dinner (and for lunch today) and the pudding felt like a lump of plaster in my stomach.

Besides that, the antibiotics are making my stomach upset. Had an empty stomach last night, and heartburn, so I couldn't get to sleep. I came that } { close to eating a PBJ but I stopped myself, contented myself with smelling the bread, and then ate some pudding, four antacid tablets, and drank a bottle of water. That let me get to sleep, but not until after about 1 AM, and I had to get up extra fricking early to be at the farthest plant I directly support at 8 AM. Argh.

This has certainly been a time, all right.

Prior to this, I could eat a hard-boiled egg once in a while: just peel it, add some salt, and chow down. But I do not think I'll have much of a taste for hard-boiled eggs any longer.

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