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The American public is losing interest.

Here's the thing: the Democrats have been throwing everything they could find at President Trump in the hopes that something would stick and start costing him points. Nothing has worked, because it's all horseshit, and everyone knows it's horseshit.

On my way back to the office from $Offsite_Two, I was listening to Limbaugh, and he was talking about impeachment fatigue; he raised an excellent point: you don't impeach a President in the year before his re-election bid. Particularly since if you actually do impeach him, the impeachment hearings will overshadow all the campaigning.

My thinking is that the Democrats want to keep investigating Trump, keeping that alive in hopes that they'll find something that resonates with the public. They won't impeach him; if they were to vote to impeach Trump, he'd win hands down. So the Democrats are trying their best to foster the impression that the Trump administration is full of corruption.

Problem: the public isn't buying it. After three years' worth of smears and slime, Trump's extremely popular.

As for me, I do keep mulling the idea of putting an "IMPEACH TRUMP" bumper sticker on the Jeep. I want the Democrats to impeach him...because it'll guarantee that he wins re-election.

* * *

September is when the ozone hole is biggest. And September has been the month where the ozone hole was biggest since Dobson discovered the frigging thing in 1956.

"Oh, it's the smallest hole on record!" Chirps NASA. But it's not due to the elimination of CFCs.

* * *

Incidentally, Dick's head thinks he'll enter the race as a third-party candidate. Of course the theory is that he'll try to split the GOP vote in order to help Democrats win.

* * *

The Hong Kong protestors got what they wanted. Or, at least, what they said they wanted. Now we'll see how things are going forward.

* * *

That guy in Canada who claimed to be a woman and got upset because no one would wax his junk just got owned. To the tune of $2,000 to at least three of his victims.

* * *

I am really tired. I'm going to bed.

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