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#6894: No, it's not a good thing

I knew that just by reading the headline. A Dow average of 650,000 is NOT GOOD. Because it means hyperinflation.

Part of the reason the DJIA is--what--almost 27,000 comes partly from the fact that our currency today is worth about a fifth of what it was worth thirty years ago. The value of the corporations that make up the DJIA are very large, but if you adjust for inflation, what do you find?

One of the big objections to taking the dollar off the gold standard was that fiat currency isn't backed by anything, other than the "full faith and credit" of the government that issued it. That's fine as long as the government in question presides over a robust economy and doesn't abuse the power of the press.

The problem comes when the people running that government realize that they now can run the presses as fast as they want and spend, spend, spend, regardless of actual tax revenue. John Maynard Keynes came along and gave them a socialist economic theory that counted government spending as an unmitigated benefit to economic growth, and that let them justify spending all the money that was fit to print. But prior to Richard Nixon, every new dollar that was printed had to be backed up with gold, so that a citizen could go to the government and say, "I don't want this paper. Give me gold," and the government could do it.

No matter how many citizens that asked.

Gold is heavy and inconvenient (which is why paper money was invented) so you don't expect a lot of people to do that; and as long as everything stays above-board no one will want to exchange paper for gold. But you have to be able to do it. Hence, places like Fort Knox.

But when you're in government and you want to spend a billion dollars you don't have, the gold standard hampers you. You can't just make a billion dollars' worth of gold appear out of thin air. You can make changes to numbers in the computer but it's not real money without the gold to back it up.

Off the gold standard, though, now it's nothing but electronic ones and zeros floating in the aether, and adding zeros to the end is free. Now you can make a billion dollars appear out of thin air, and spend it, and say, "We borrowed this money from the American people."

What you did is, in fact, steal it from the American people. It's a stealth tax: instead of taking a billion dollars out of the salaries of a hundred million people, you've devalued their salaries by that much. Because there are more dollars in circulation, each dollar is worth comparatively less.

A pound of butter was $3 in 2007 when the DJIA was 14,000. Today it's 27,000 and a pound of butter is $6. It's not a very accurate measure of overall inflation, but it's more accurate than our government's numbers are; and it indicates that the DJIA is worth approximately the same amount of real wealth today as it was 12 years ago.

The modern economy should have yielded a paradise of leisure and plenty. What happened is that our government spent that surplus, taxing us in a stealthy and insidious way, and stealing that bright future in order to line their own pockets.

* * *

And despite the blackouts, there are still fires because fires can be started by lightning.

California is a third-world shithole.

* * *

This theory is "turtles all the way down" with extra steps. That's all it is.

Light that has travelled for billions of years is red-shifted because space expanded while it was on its way. It's not because the source is moving away from us at ever-faster speeds.

* * *

As cool as your design is, put a manual freaking opening lever on it. Man dies in a burning Tesla because the door wasn't responding to his "open door" request.

* * *

Last year was a record year for snowfall in the Arctic. "Because the thick blanket of snow in the region failed to melt by summer, many plants and animals were prevented from breeding."

The very next paragraph is meant to explain why that's the fault of global warming:
Most studies have focused on long-term climate and ecological changes in the region, but climate models suggest that the Arctic is likely to experience short-term volatility and extreme weather, in addition to rising air and water temperatures.
So you see, it'll mean rising air and water temperatures, but sometimes it'll mean record cold and snowfall totals. Because global warming makes arctic weather volatile.

The science is, after all, settled.
In 1972, there was a Weather station at the Ripogenus Dam. It collected temperature readings every day. Those readings were included in NASA's GISS temperature reading data set. Its readings were included in GISS until 2006, along with data from thousands of other weather stations. There's really only one little problem.

The Ripogenus Dam weather station was decommissioned in 1995.
Except that what these goons are doing is emphatically not science.

* * *

You're not supposed to judge people by what they do in their bedrooms. The problem is, though, that people who have no morals in the bedroom never have morals elsewhere.

It's kind of interesting that, in movies and TV shows, the bad guys are always shown to be perverts of one stripe or another.

Example: DaVinci's Demons. Mrs. Fungus and I watched a couple eps of that horseshit before we figured out how bad it was. Long enough for the writers to reveal that the principal bad guy was some high official in the Catholic church...who naturally was shown sexually abusing a young boy in a bath, and then killing the boy because he'd overheard something that had to remain secret. This was meant to demonstrate how evil the bad guy was, of course.

But, we are told, in the real world we must never judge someone by what he does in his bedroom because that's wrong. Of course, it would be a major tell in a movie for Teddy Kennedy to make a waitress sandwich with what's-his-face; but in the real world it's "whatever floats your boat" and who cares if the waitress consented? These men are Democrats!

* * *

Bernie/Gabbard in 2020? Denninger is right; that'd split the left-wing vote and not hurt the GOP at all.

No--the one thing that will not be allowed is for the Democrat vote to be split. At least, it'll happen over Hillary's dead body. So that Dick's CEO who's thinking about running? That'll be "discouraged". And Sanders running under the Green Party flag, esp. with Gabbard as his running mate--I wouldn't make long odds on either of them living to election day.

Overall, good for the GOP, though.

* * *

Do you notice that they say "concealed carry killers" rather than "concealed carry murderers"? That's because that way they can fudge the numbers and make them look bigger than they actually are.

These douchebags claim 84 killings in Florida by holders of concealed carry licenses, again to make the numbers look bigger. "All 'killings' since 2007? 12 years? That comes to 7 killed per year or what they call Tuesday night in Chicago."

And that "Tuesday night in Chicago" bodycount is from criminals who do not have concealed carry permits. Because criminals are the problem, not guns.

* * *

How to play and sing the blues.
Persons with names like Amber, Jennifer, Tiffany, Debbie, and Heather can't sing the Blues no matter how many men they shoot in Memphis.
Oh, it's quite a fun read.

* * *

Gut report: last night after I went to bed I had a very peculiar feeling. It felt like something was moving past the sore spot; and when I got up to hit the can, there was pain below where the sore spot had been.


Anyway, got up and went to work, and on the way to work I realized I was hungry. I mean, I actually had an appetite; I wasn't just listening to my stomach growling with a disinterested shrug, figuring I'd better put something in it. Instead I actively wanted to do something about it.

Having an appetite is a good sign.

I have more energy than I have for months. The pain is going away very slowly, but it seems to be a bit better every day, and the conditions which elicit it a bit narrower.

So tomorrow morning, when I see the nurse practitioner again, I'm going to ask for another ten days' worth of antibiotics to make sure this thing is well-kicked; and I'm going to make an appointment to see my regular doctor and see if he's willing to put me back on dicyclomine for the irritable bowel.

* * *

Weather is gradually cooling. It's been seasonal around here, daytime highs in the fifties. Can't complain; rather like it. It's what October should be like.

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