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#6895: Blargh

Up far too early for a Saturday, and my gut hurts. All I really want is to lay back down.

But, onward.

* * *

The Democrat clown posse is rarin' to go. Apparently Democrats largely dislike Tulsi Gabbard. Which is a shame--for them--because she's got the best chance of beating Trump out of all the clowns on parade.

* * *

We need cholesterol. What we don't need is refined sugar and especially not high fructose corn syrup.

* * *

Here's what I wonder about:

When someone is sick, doctors evaluate what the illness is by the symptoms which are present. For example, if the patient is complaining of aching everywhere and feeling extreme fatigue, but has no fever, the doctor will think "viral infection". On the other hand if the patient has a temperature and feels that same fatigue, but doesn't ache everywhere, it's bacterial. Knowing all the symptoms is essential.

So what happens if you have most of the symptoms of something?

I've gone over the various common maladies that cause intestinal pain, over and over again, and none of them is a complete match. Diverticulitis is the best match (history of it, the pain's in the right spot, etc). But after eight-nine days on antibiotics? Really?

Bowel obstruction--as previously mentioned, yesterday I got my appetite back. No nausea, no vomiting, no swelling of abdomen. Diarrhea (which could be explained by the antibiotic one-two punch I'm on). Pain is moderate, not severe.

Adhesion--no nausea, vomiting, or constipation. Pain is moderate, not severe.

Fecal impaction--almost none of a laundry list of symptoms apply to me except for the one about pain, which is merely listed as "back or stomach pain". This seems possible, though.

Colon cancer--the symptoms for this resemble the symptoms for irritable bowel, with which I have previously been diagnosed, but it doesn't make sense for one reason that I'll get to in a moment.

Volvulus--getting one's guts in a knot is normally a metaphor but the symptoms of the actual ailment do not match mine at all.

Constipation--nothing in there about pain.

Perforated bowel--peritonitis results and that's life-threatening. I feel pretty good, and I don't think oral antibiotics would be enough for that.

All of this started about September 18th, right after I got offered my present job. For two weeks prior to that I was working steadily on the spare room and had plenty of energy, but when I got the news, it was like cutting the strings on a marionette. That's not really news, but fatigue is the first symptom of diverticulitis.

Fast-forward to September 30 when the Jeep threw its serpentine belt and turned out to need a new alternator. Of course it was Houston-hot out there while I did it.

Two days after that, I had the pain just under my rib cage, and thought it was muscle strain until the weekend came and the pain moved. That was come-and-go for a while; finally I got sick of it, saw the doc on th 17th of this month, and started antibiotics and low-residue diet.

Since starting the antibiotics, I've had days of no pain and days filled with it, always moderate, never severe.

Thursday night the pain shifted again, lower, and now is present when I walk or sit sometimes. Now it goes through to my back, but it hits my back where my back always hurts, so that might just be a strained muscle or something.

I can't feel any masses. No unusual bulges. No pain even when pushing on the place that hurts most. Push in and let go, no problem (pain from that would mean "perforated bowel").

So: which symptoms do I heed and which do I ignore? What the fuck is wrong with my damned gut?

And with that thought, off I go to see the doctor.

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