atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6896: Kidney stone?


At least, nurse practitioner is pretty sure it's not that, after a urine test showed only trace amounts of blood in the urine. I think both of us were hoping that'd be the case, because nothing else makes sense any longer.

Having established that, she wanted to send me for a CAT scan. After doing a number of diagnostics she was just as stumped as I am, and the CAT scan would provide a lot of useful information. Problem: insurance for new job kicks in December 1 and CAT scan retails at about $800 depending on who does it.

So, CBC and Chem7 to get a look at what my blood is like; continued antibiotics for a few more days, and back to the clinic Tuesday afternoon.

In a country with a properly capitalist medical system, with price competition and everything, I expect I could get a CAT scan done (with contrast) for less than $200. Instead, it's about 4x as much, because doctors don't have to tell us what procedures cost and medical regulations and licensing systems ensure that established clinics never have to compete.

Even adjusted for inflation, the price of medical care in this country is insane compared to how it was fifty years ago. Too many dollars chasing a fixed amount of service.

* * *

Today's a cool, cloudy October day, but the trees are about at full color. It's nice to see.

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