atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6897: Lovely. Lovely

So, it's been raining a lot today. A continuous, steady, low-key rain, since I got up from my nap around 3:30.

I expect this in October. It happens. A cold, soaking rain, a good day to stay indoors with your wife and watch TV and not do too much.

...window well flooded and is leaking into the basement.

"No problem! I'll just plug the outdoor sump pump in, and...oh. That's odd. How long has it been plugged in?"

However long that sump pump has been plugged in, without the float switch, it most assuredly has been long enough to fry the motor, because it's sure not pumping anything. *sigh*

My thinking is that the guy who came to clean out the ducts (and who also cleaned the dryer vent line) must've plugged it in, for some reason, after getting the dryer back in place. He had to take that window out in order to run the big suction hose for the cleaning equipment, and I'd bet that he saw the thing and said, "Oh, this is probably supposed to be plugged in," and did so.

Regardless, the window well has water in it and it's leaking into the basement. I'm not too concerned about it, because it's a trickle and the basement won't flood.

One of the irksome things about the bunker is that the basement has always leaked. There used to be another window well on the south side of the house, but that was the major source of water ingress and it was concreted closed in 1982.

Mom always said she regretted not setting off firecrackers on the lot before construction started. Heh.

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