atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6898: Clear skies

Woke up to clear skies. How nice. Still October--and this time next week it'll be November.

* * *

Pixy Misa's post contains some neat things: a one-page dungeon generator, and a one-page city generator. Useful things for the role-playing enthusiast.

The dungeons are devoid of statistics (because there is more than one tabletop RPG system) but do provide a neat way to jump-start an evening of exploration and hacking. Been a long time since I needed a tool like this--and, really, I probably won't need one again--but I'm also glad to see that the hobby is still going strong.

But, you never know.

* * *

Augmentin is--always has been--horse pills, big honkin' oblong tablets. In the bottle with them is a white cylinder, about the size of one of the tablets. One end is labeled "molecular sieve DO NOT EAT" with just that capitalization, and whenever I would try to get a pill I'd get that first. Every time.

It takes the place of the "silica gel DO NOT EAT" packets you often find in products. It's meant to absorb water without absorbing anything else, such as amoxicillin molecules. But it really ought to be glued to the cap or at least made out of colored plastic, because a couple of times I thought I'd gotten a pill insted of this thing. Fortunately, I always check stuff before putting it into my mouth.

Today I must get over to a pharmacy to get my pills refilled, and it has to be before 4 PM. But 4 PM is 7 hours from now. Which is good, because I want to go back to bed for a while longer.

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