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#6901: At this point, it's basically strained muscles

Had the nurse practitioner and my actual doctor examine me today. My doc concluded that with all the pain I was having from the diverticulitis, I must've strained some muscles, and that is what is hurting now.

"Take it as easy as you can," he counseled, "let us know if it gets worse, and if it doesn't come back in about two weeks."

Fair enough.

So once I'm done with the pills I can have real food again, things like salsa and salad and pizza and gyros. That was a tough sell, driving past the gyro place and thinking, "Not tonight, old son."

*sigh* Just a couple days to go.

* * *

The very first login to the Internet (then Arpanet) happened fifty years ago today. It was to look at a cat picture.

The article also points out that "...the first three characters ever transmitted over...the Internet were L, O, and L."

Because the first message sent was supposed to be "login" but it crashed after sending "L" and "O", and when they tried again the first letter sent was "L". LOL. Heh.

* * *

SJW/NPC accosts a senior citizen wearing a MAGA hat. In Florida. You see, Florida has a law that raises the penalties for certain crimes when they are committed against senior citizens. If you're over the age of 65 and some young asshat spits on you--whether he knows you're over 65 or not--he's just committed a first-degree felony rather than a misdemeanor.

Can't say I have any sympathy for the asshole, either. I mean, he's being a shithead, and being a shithead ought to hurt.

* * *

California is reaping the harvest of fifty years' worth of leftist politics. That's really all it is.

* * *

Shutting off poor peoples' electricity. But they can't call it that, so it's "de-energizing" and "most-vulnerable population".

Then my wife wonders why I absolutely DO NOT WANT to move to California.

* * *

Of course the left is all in a tizzy over Trump saying that dead terrorist "died like a dog". But we've seen that Trump really doesn't care what the left thinks. Heh.

* * *

Trump annihilated the bitch, that's for sure. Oh, the Chicago PD chief or superintendent or whatever-the-hell he is. Heh.

* * *

As New York taxes increase, the rich flee.

* * *

Pixy Misa's post from today, linked because it has the creditless OP for the Oh! My Goddess! OVA series.

The O!MG! OVA series was animated beautifully, the art 100% faithful to the later manga volumes. The music is dead-on perfect. The voices--Kikuko Inoue is Belldandy, damn it--even the cuts made to the story in order to fit the origin story into 30 minutes--it's just a wonderful series.

The really funny thing is that it was sub-only for a long time. AnimEigo was a sub-only distributor...but then they decided to try doing dubs. Since they had the rights to Urusei Yatsura already, they dubbed the first two eps of it, releasing it as Those Obnoxious Aliens (the English translation of the Japanese title).

And it was bloody awful.

I mean, bloody awful. The voice they got for Lum was all wrong, first off, but second, the actress tried doing an accent. But she couldn't do an accent, so it went all over the place. And the other voices were pretty well stock-standard "Oh, it's that guy" voices. You never knew who they were, but you recognized them from this or that other dub, where they weren't really any better.

...then You're Under Arrest came out. For some reason I ended up buying the dub--but it was good, really good. Outstanding. And after I got my laserdisk player I wasted no time getting O!MG! on LD...and to my surprise, the dub was good there, too.

There was a sweet spot in the mid-1990s where a lot of the dubs were actually pretty damned good. Tenchi Muyo!, Ranma 1/2, and El Hazard were excellent. And Wings of Honneamise. (That was a fantastic dub, so good that I don't think I have ever watched the sub, not even after I got the DVD.) Not sure if it's a case of statistical clustering or what, but those particular series somehow hit the right combination of directors and voice actors such that the performances of the latter were good.

Because nothing ruins anime faster than a craptastic dub.

I can't watch the Maison Ikkoku dubs. That's one reason I had no trouble throwing them out: the dub was pretty hideous. Not because the actors were bad, but because no one coached any of them on pronunciation. And having seen fansubs of the episodes, I knew how the names were supposed to be pronounced. There were a very few bright spots in there, but mostly it was just bad.

Along about the time Gundam W was starting to run on Cartoon Network, though, the rot was beginning to set in. GW was an example, how so many of the male voices sounded exactly the same. There is also one basic female voice which is used in dubbing anime for the American market; no attempt is ever made to match the voice selection for female voices and the result is like fingernails on a chalkboard, most of the time.

In Japan, young boys are voiced by husky-voiced women. But in America, too often they're voiced by men with high voices. And I don't know what it is, but the dialogue comes out stilted, sounding wooden. It doesn't flow naturally.

El Hazard's first ep had this problem--for about five minutes. In the opening scene, the only person whose voice sounds halfway natural is Mr. Fujisawa; Jinnai and Nanami sound like they're on the stage in a junior high drama club recital.

But then Jinnai says, "Hey, you! What are you grinning at, smart-ass?" and it sounds perfectly natural; and other than a couple of rough scenes with Makoto, the protagonist, from there forward the stiff performances disappear. That series is a gem of voice-acting.

TL;DR Ed bloviates about anime again. Oh well.

* * *

Now that a real MD has rendered his opinion, now the pain I'm experiencing feels entirely like muscular pain.

Ah, the power of suggestion.

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