atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6902: Do you KNOW how long it's been since I could DO this?

Decided to come home for lunch today. Dad used to do that. He'd come home from work around noonish and have lunch here, then go back to work.

In 1997, I took a job working for the Linn County, Iowa, IT department. And when I was working there, I was close enough to the office that if I really wanted to, I could come home for lunch. Frequently I did, especially before getting my first paycheck. I could come home and eat what I had on hand and not spend money on fast food.

Thereafter, I ended up at Rockwell-Collins, which was a bit too far away (in time, not in space) to be a viable option. The drive was not really all that much farther, and as the crow flies the R-C plant was not much farther than the Linn County building; but the route to the county building went around the edge of town and the route to R-C went right through the shopping and dining district.

In the present case, my trip is 15 minutes unless I run afoul of trains.

And because last night's dinner was a rotisserie chicken, there were plenty of leftovers; I'd originally intended to take it with--but I ran out of time this morning, and then realized: I live 15 minutes from my job. I can come home to eat!

Don't know how often I'll do it, but it sure is nice to have the option.

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