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#6903: Evening!

California is a shithole.

Highest poverty rate in the nation.

Half of it's on fire, so they're banning the use of natural gas appliances in new buildings.

But half the state's on fire because of stupid environmental regulations, not global warming.

And it is strangely difficult to have any sympathy for the citizens of California because this is what they voted for. Those environmental regulations were not brought down from on high by an archangel; they were the result of fifty years of ever-further-leftist government. No one deserves to be burned out of his home, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Even so, if you don't want wildfires, you have to take action to prevent them. California is essentially a desert, FFS.

* * *

Chicago machine, still Democrat, still crooked.

* * *

Linked solely because of the Kansas reference.

* * *

Doing away with bail is amazingly stupid and short-sighted. On the other hand, it leaves criminals on the streets to commit as much mayhem as they want, and that plays into the left's hands. Remember: they want to make things so bad that the people beg them to fix it regardless of what has to be done to do so. And then the left has carte blanche to take away guns and freedom of assembly and freedom of speech and-and-and.

Crime is a tool of leftism.

* * *

The Democrats must impeach to satisfy their base. It will ruin their chances of winning 2020 and likely will have a serious negative effect on their control of the legislature.

Which is why I say, in all honesty, IMPEACH TRUMP.

Removal will fail and everyone will realize that the last three years have been nothing but partisan witch-hunts.

But there's another point.

You see, just because the House of Representatives makes a decision to impeach the President does not force the Senate to take up the case. The Senate can refuse to hear the case. This is part of that whole "balance of powers" thing: just like the President can't tell Congress what laws to pass, one house of the legislature cannot tell the other what to do.

The House of Representatives could impeach President Trump and hand over a guaranteed conviction on a silver platter with hot wings and Mountain Dew on the side, and the Senate could say, "Oh, very nice, very good!" Stick it to the refrigerator with a magnet, and forget all about it.

And there wouldn't be squat that the House could do about it. Other than bloviate.

But the simple fact is that while the Senate can refuse even to consider articles of impeachment (or, indeed, anything coming out of the House) they rarely do. It's often better just to deal with the nonsense and get it out of the way.

* * *

Celebrating the first Internet message with anime monster girls. It was 50 years ago yesterday.

* * *

So today they had a kind of "trick or treat" Halloween thingy at work. I didn't wear a costume or anything, and in fact sat at my desk working for most of it (I did go get a hot dog) but the people in the QC lab went all out. Dry ice bubbling in a cauldron, multicolored slime, erlenmeyer flasks with colored liquids in them sitting on an agitator so the potions swirled and bubbled, lights, skulls--it was fun.

I went to the store last night and bought some candy to give out, just in case. I stuck fun-size boxes of Nerds candies to my door with tape (because what else do you expect from IT?) and hung a "trick-or-treat" sign from my door.


* * *

They're saying 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow. Believe it when I see it--but as I was heading out to the Jeep to go to lunch etc today I saw a pile of slushy snow on the ground in front of a coworker's car, someone who had come from not far up north--and when I went to the offsite location to deliver computer stuff, there was another car with slushy snow on its cowl. So it's already snowed somewhere within easy driving distance.

Again, we'll see.

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