atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6905: Well, they pulled the trigger.

Democrats have decided on impeaching Trump, though they won't call it that until and unless the people start liking the idea.

The rules for the investigation are, of course, as perfectly lopsided as you'd expect them to be coming from a bunch of leftists. Republicans have to get permission to call witnesses, which means that Republicans will not be able to call any witnesses that can counter the Democrats' horseshit. They won't even be able to ask any questions without the Democrats' permission.

Democrats call this "fairness", of course.

So what will happen is, the Democrat voters are going to all point at the results of these hearings and shriek about how they prove that Trump is corrupt. Meanwhile, anyone to the right of George Bush (either one) is going to recognize this for what it is: a Potemkin impeachment. And as soon as they can vote, they will, and the Democrats will be shocked at the results of that election.

It might have worked out differently for them if this were twenty years ago, when the mainstream media still controlled the national conversation; but a great many people get their information from the Internet now, and no one controls that.

Impeachment is a losing issue for Democrats. It doesn't matter how they carry it out. The people don't support it.

It's a purely political process and what Francis Porretto doesn't say there is that if the House impeaches the Senate doesn't even have to take up the matter if it votes not to.

The worst part of it is that this whole thing is not about actually using a constitutional process to remove a President from office. It's about generating a false impression in peoples' minds.

* * *

This might have made a point if we did not already exist in a country devoid of journalism.

If that city planner is a Democrat, his crimes will go unremarked upon by the local paper.

Seems like we've been paying for not having journalism.

* * *

America currently has a fascist health care system. The difference between fascism and socialism is academic, but in the case of health care it means that while the means of production are privately owned, government calls the shots. This situation will not improve by handing control of the financing of health care to the government. It will only make it much, much worse.

* * *

Jeep's odometer is sitting at 199,998 miles. Tomorrow will be the day it flips past 200,000.

50,000 miles more and it'll have completed a "trip to the Moon". I don't know if it'll make it, though, unless I get off my duff and start doing something about the rust.

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