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#6906: Uggh. Too much driving.

Today I took the day off. I'd asked for it off late last week, and my request was granted.

My wife also took the day off. Same kind of deal.

Part of the day's festivities were a visit to Bob Chinn's Crab Shack, to celebrate her brand-new college degree. The problem is that once we had stuffed ourselves with crab, we got stuck in rush hour traffic, turning a one-hour drive into two hours.

Got home after 6 and flopped for a couple hours.


Meanwhile, I stopped taking the antibiotics perhaps 2 doses before running out, and guess what? The pain I've been experiencing, the follow-on pain, has all but vanished. There is still some soreness in my back, but it's a lot less intense than it was, and the pain in my actual gut is gone, gone, gone.

That's interesting. I've never had a single problem with either augmentin or metronidazole; apparently--at least for my gut--the two great tastes do not taste great together.

So at Bob Chinn's I had salad and cole slaw, the first food with fiber in it that I've had in more than two weeks. (And loved every bite.) We'll see how we do.

* * *

I wouldn't buy one pair, let alone two. First off, they're crappy uncomfortable. Two, they're stupid expensive. Third, you can lose them.

When I was waiting at the airport in San Antonio, I saw a guy go to a garbage can with a member of the airport staff, and they started digging through the trash in it. After a few minutes of this bizarre behavior, the guy emitted a cry of discovery and picked something up. He held up an Apple Airpod, dripping with...something...and left the cleaning guy to replace the contents of the trash can.

List price on these stupid-ass pieces of useless shit are $200 for a pair, with the requisite charging stand, so you can understand why the guy literally dug through trash to find it.

They're hard plastic, they are uncomfortable, they don't stay in your ears, they sound lousy, and they cost two hundred dollars.

Now Apple has come out with Airpods Pro, which add noise canceling for an extra $50.


$200 will buy me ten pairs of Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds. Which have silicone pads, are perfectly comfortable, they stay in my ears, they sound fantastic, and they last. As a bonus, I don't look like a hipster douchebag when using them.

* * *

When subjected to many of the things that journalists celebrate, they find them less likable. What can we say, guys, except "learn to code"?

* * *

Bitch, STFU. So Prince Harry, AKA the Duke of Sussex, is apparently having a bit of a row with the Queen Mum, and it's not going well for him because the Queen Mum has plenty of steel left in her.

Let's face it: when your claim to the throne is dependent on having approximately 70% of your family die, you're not really all that important to the lineage. I'm not entirely conversant with the order of succession of British royalty, but unless I'm mistaken, the shortest path to the throne for Harry is for Elizabeth II to die and Charles be coronated King; and then subsequently for both Charles and Harry's older brother William to die. (If William were coronated before his death? He has a son, George, but George is 6. I don't think he'd succeed to the throne. Or maybe he would, with someone else acting as custodian while he finished growing up?)

I think that if the Queen abdicated or died, and Charles was not available--dead or whatever--then his younger sister Anne would become Queen and old Harry would be out of the running entirely. I think that's how it works.

But the point is, Harry is probably never going to be King...and so him threatening the Queen with renouncing his right of accession is not much of a threat.

Both he and his bride are idiots.

* * *

Saw a YouTube video about a Chinesium motorcycle which can be had, brand new, for $1,800 shipped.

It's a 250 cc dual-sport bike, and features things like electronic instruments, remote start, LED lighting, front and rear disk brakes, air cooled four-stroke engine. Has both electric and kick start, too.

The video I saw showed the guy uncrating it, assembling it, and taking it for a test ride. Parts are apparently not hard to get--the company that sells the bike in the US sells parts--and it's 100% street legal. A brand new bike should not need spare parts for quite a while, anyway.

Unless, of course, you get the one that breaks. Supposedly the thing has a halfway-decent warranty.

I'm still really leery of Chinese products, at least for big-ticket items. $1,800 is stupid cheap for a street-legal adult-sized motorcycle which can hit 55, 60 MPH.

Meanwhile, Honda is now making a 500cc version of the Rebel. It's $6,500 with ABS, which is a typical price for new entry-level motorcycles these days--at least for the name brands. But I've already seen that 500 CCs is enough for me, and I can almost justify the idea of buying a brand new bike with fuel injection and a factory warranty at that price. I need to work on my credit rating anyway; buying a new bike would work. It's built differently from my wife's Rebel; I'd have to ride one before pulling that lever. Probably it would be a tight fit, like my wife's bike is.

But $1,800--I could save pennies for that, buy it outright in April or May, and--if I didn't like it--sell it on to someone else for $1,300 or $1,400 in June or July or August.

...and I could just as easily save pennies and put $2,000 down on a new bike.

Or, I could just wait for a flying monkey to appear with next week's winning Powerball ticket.


* * *

Using a floating holiday to take the day off: WIN. Three day weekend: WIN.

Can't complain!

All the snow we got yesterday has melted--it hit 42 today--but they're saying that seasonal weather is not on the dance card for the next week. Near freezing tomorrow.

Well, technically, I'm still recuperating--that back pain won't go away if I start doing heavy chores--so I can afford to take it easy this weekend, anyway.


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