atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6910: Saturday, and--what happened to the sun??

When I got up it was sunny. I spend half an hour reading the blogroll and eating a PBJ, and it's cloudy.


* * *

More people dead in Japan because nucleear power plants were decommissioned than from the Fukushima accident. Considering the Fukushima incident has a total casualty count of zero that's not really hard to manage.

* * *

Wild deer sneezes. I'm wondering if that animal had ever sneezed before, judging by the overreaction to it.

* * *

Quiet Saturday morning here at the bunker. Since I'm still recovering, I'm not planning to do any real chores. I might wash the dishes later. Clocks roll back an hour this evening, and we get back the hour we gave up in the spring.

Guess that'll do.

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