atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6911: Eco-stupidity

Riots in Chile because the poor cannot afford electricity.
Environmentalists are stupid because they refuse to recognize that their upper middle class programs are a big, regressive tax on poorer people. Poorer people have caught on to the fact that they're getting screwed so that upper class people (who generally look down on them) can feel better about themselves.
That's about what the case is.

And what if "wildfire prevention" is the excuse for, not the cause of, the blackouts in California?

* * *

Any chant starting with "hey hey, ho ho" is self-identifying as communist propaganda.

* * *

The "unknown unknowns" are the worst. First modern-style submarine, lost with all hands in 1869 because they didn't know about decompression sickness, AKA "the bends".

* * *

Broward county machine does what a machine does. Protect the politicians.

* * *

Sheer insanity.
Prop 47 is named the "Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act" because who would want to vote against that. But by making shoplifting up to $950 per offense a low-level misdemeanor, what has happened is the creation of an open-air stolen merchandise bazar that encourages shoplifting.
Don't be so hidebound. The name doesn't specify for whom the neighborhoods and schools are being made safer. Obviously they're being made safer for criminals.

* * *

Well, it's 5:30 on Sunday night, and because we're on standard time the sun has set and it's dark. Oh well.

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