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#6912: Helpful self-identification

Proving that you don't need sentience to be in charge in New York, Andrew Cuomo says We didn't have hurricanes before global warming.

This tower of intellect is the head of the New York state government, and he claims that "extreme weather" simply did not happen before "climate change".

Who are you going to believe? Andrew Cuomo or those lying historical records?

* * *

Uh, Jack Ryan is Catholic, you fucking ass goblins. But we can't have a big TV hero be Catholic, now, can we?


Figured it'd be a shitshow. Now I know it is.

* * *

Transsexual refuses to look at mail with the "wrong" name on it, and so has to pay late fees. Asshat squared.

* * *

Seems that the deal Chicago made with its goose-stepping teachers' union is going to be the straw that broke the camel's back, budget-wise.

More like, the camel's back was broken years ago, but it was managing to struggle through with therapy and a good back brace, but this will be the straw that broke the brace, crushing the poor animal beneath a load of hay that even Hercules would think twice about trying to heft.

* * *

It doesn't matter who has sex with their inferiors; it's wrong.

I feel so sorry for those people who think that sex is the do-all-be-all of human existence.

* * *

I agree with this. I don't think China can do what some people say it will. Too much of its prosperity is based on selling things to the rest of the world; in a world where China is ascendant and everyone else fading, suddenly Chinese money becomes the standard of trade and they can't sell stuff cheaply any longer.

Example: Japan. In 1980, a dollar bought four hundred yen. I won't dig into all the math here but I've worked it out several times and realized that a Japanese company could build a car there, ship it here, sell it for about the same price that other, similar cars sold for, and make a huge profit over what they made selling the exact same model at home.

In 1990, a dollar bought two hundred yen because Japan's economy was so much stronger than it had been until then. The exchange rate no longer worked quite so well in their favor; and by the mid-nineties it was about a hundred yen to the dollar, where it remains today.

The same thing is true of China; right now a lopsided exchange rate means they can do everything cheaper than we can. But if they take over as the world's leading economy, and their currency becomes the reference by which others are judged (something Japan could not do) suddenly one Yuan will buy a lot of Dollars, instead of the other way around. That motorcycle that a Chinese company can make a profit on at $1,800 delivered will find itself unable to make a profit at twice the price. And then what happens?

Absent a sea change in how China does business, they will get only about as far as Japan did, before running out of steam.

* * *

Started watching The Devil is a Part-Timer last night. It's darker than I expected but it's very funny, even so. Problem is, Netflix munged the subtitles; sometimes they don't appear, or if they do, they flash on the screen too briefly to be read.

I've been looking at bits and pieces for Achernar. The exact same memory module I got for $30 previously is now $38, probably due to memory price fluctuations, but that would take her to 16 GB. I want to try experimenting a little more with the machine, put in an SSD and a dedicated video card, and see how it does.

The Core i5 processor in Floristica is a 4th gen, and they're on 8th or 9th generation now; I'd expect the bargain-basement Ryzen 2200g to be at least as powerful as the 4th gen i5 in this thing. And the thing's DDR4 memory should be faster, too.

Of course I could upgrade to a newer Core I5 but that would mean spending a lot of money on both motherboard and processor--a lot more than I'd pay for a combo such as the one in Achernar--but the nice thing about that motherboard is that it can take just about any AM4 processor, not just the 2200g. Where the motherboard in Floristica is a Socket 1150, which supports...fourth-generation Core i5 processors. So if I upgraded Floristica to the same combo as is in Achernar, at some future time I could throw in a Ryzen 3...or 5. Whatever floated my boat, as long as it was an AM4 processor.

Meanwhile, on planet Earth, there are still home improvements and repairs to be made. *sigh*

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