atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#691: More headline stuff

DANGER IN THE SKY! warns ABC news. Airlines are playing games with your safety in the name of profit! Those evil big corporations!!!

Repeat after me: want lower fuel prices...?

Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's office "rocked" by scandal. Wait a minute. He's a Democrat. I thought it was only Republicans who were corrupt. That's what the mainstream media has been telling me for the past eight thirty-five years. How can this be?

Wesley Snipes, whiny bitch insists that the current venue for his tax evasion trial is "too racist".

Hey Wesley: how much money do you have? Why can't you afford to pay for a good accountant? (As opposed to some idiot who will let you end up charged with tax evasion?) Did you let your brothers Larry and Moe do your taxes for you? WTF?

Sorry, but when a super-rich black man starts squawling about "racism" because he has to face the consequences of breaking the law, I get a bit testy.

HIV vaccine increases risk of infection. Now check me on this:

1) Most vaccines work by prompting the body to manufacture antibodies that counteract the disease organism.
2) We detect HIV by looking for HIV antibodies. If someone has HIV antibodies regardless of any other factor we say that person is "HIV positive" and he must take all kinds of drugs.

I know that these people--being medical researchers and all--can't be that fuckin' stupid, so there must be more here than meets the eye. But I sure as hell don't know how someone could not test as HIV positive after you've been vaccinated against the virus.

Speaking of which, here is an interesting article on the costs of the sexual revolution. I don't have anything critical to say about it (either for or against) but it does rather closely echo some of my own thoughts on the issue.

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