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#6913: I like it, but there are issues.

That liquid droplet radiator is the part I don't like. ...unless there is a lot of tankage for cooling fluid.

The problem is twofold. First, the system works by spraying a liquid into the vacuum of space. It forms droplets, and as the droplets traverse the distance between nozzle and collector, they evaporate, taking heat with. Whatever's left is collected, presumably at a lower temperature, and reused. But you can't recover the stuff that evaporated.

Second, if this system is running and you have to maneuver, the acceleration of the maneuver means that whatever droplets were in transit between emitter and collector are lost.

But absent these two problems, it's a fantastic way to cool off a spaceship. There's no physical radiator to be damaged by enemy fire, for example, and since it's mostly empty space it really doesn't mass anything beyond the pumps, nozzles, and collectors.

* * *

Anti-gun activist kills her three children and herself after divorcing her husband.

So, yeah. Guess she was worried about what she would do if she had a gun, and so wanted to make sure no one could have guns? Or something?

Related: Mass shooting at a college party but the perpetrator and victims were all minorities, so no one cares. This link came from today's Woodpile Report and the accompanying text said:
The reason you didn't see coverage in the Big Time news media with hysterical anti-gun speeches is simple. That it happened at a Texas A&M "Twerk or Tweet" Halloween party off-campus is an unavoidable clue. Turns out not one white person was involved. Worse, the shooter is a guy named Gonzales, so it's a Diversity-on-Diversity mass shooting. Imagine their disappointment.
Mass shootings are only useful to the American left if they are perpetrated by whites. There is also the racism that is inherent in leftism, which excuses violent behavior in minorities with a shrug and, "Well, it's not their fault, after all; they can't help it."

* * *

Useless anti-gun extrusion can't name the place where someone pulled a gun on him. I'm pretty sure that if someone had threatened me with a gun, I'd remember where I was when it happened.

Oh, and he claims he was in Alabama on his way to Texas...traveling from New Jersey.


* * *

Like, wow. I think someone at the Pentagon got too enamored of the glizty technology and didn't think about how it would function in, y'know, a war.

An aircraft carrier lives and dies by its ability to launch, recover, and service aircraft. An aircraft carrier that cannot launch or recover aircraft is a big, fat, juicy target--and, worse, cannot even defend itself. Understand, a carrier battle group isn't just the aircraft carrier; it's a host of other ships, frigates and cruisers and so forth. Those ships are essential for defending the carrier. Because the carrier is the ship that projects force the farthest, it's the most important ship in the fleet, and it is therefore the most desirable target for an enemy to hit. You take the carrier out of action, and the planes don't launch and drop bombs and do other things inconvenient to you.

But in order to do all that the carrier must be able to launch and land planes reliably. The USS Gerald Ford cannot do that; the failure rate of its snazzy new electromagnetic catapults is so high it guarantees a complete system failure should you try to launch all your planes.
On 10 September 2008, the U.S. Navy signed a $5.1 billion contract with Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding in Newport News, Virginia, to design and construct the carrier. As of 2013, construction costs were estimated at $12.8 billion, 22% over the 2008 budget, plus $4.7 billion in research and development costs.

The ship was originally scheduled for launch in July 2013 and delivery in 2015.

The ship was "delivered" in 2017 but it is not in good shape. The deployment date is now 2024 which is 6 years after the original plan.
It was supposed to cost $10.5 billion to build the thing. Currently it's flirting with $13 billion and it's still not working. "Cost plus" in action!

...and to make matters worse, any failure of the launch system means all four catapults must be shut down (which takes ninety minutes) in order to take the faulty one off-line and repair it.

Perfect for combat! "Hey, Mr. Enemy, can you just, like, wait an hour and a half while we get this fixed? We can't launch any planes until it's done." Yeah.

And as a bonus, you know that new hyper-expensive blivet, the F-35? The Gerald Ford can't launch them. (I mean, even when it's working.) Nope! Can't do it, the most advanced combat jet we have and our brand-new aircraft carrier can't launch 'em. Because that would make sense.

* * *

I keep trying to tell you goons this, and none of you believes me. Time is an emergent property of curved space. How many times have I gotta say it??

* * *

Doubling down on the antique. Boeing wants to build big expensive disposable boosters in a world where reusable small cheap boosters are gaining traction.

* * *

99.997% of anti-gravity research is bunk. But you won't find a solution that you're not looking for, so....

* * *

So now Britain is mulling the idea of making access to health care dependent on how politically correct its victims are. "A National Health Service (NHS) trust has announced that it will withdraw treatment from patients it deems to be racist or sexist."

So, as you can see, health care is not a right after all, but a privilege to be granted to those who do not harbor opinions the government doesn't like.

There you have it: socialized medicine is not about helping people; it's about controlling them.

* * *

Under the Geneva Convention, this summary execution was justified and proper. The guy having his brains blown out is not a civilian; he is an enemy leader whose band had summarily murdered 34 people in cold blood. He wasn't in uniform and there was no battle taking place. So, there's three violations for the price of one: no battle or engagement with an enemy taking place, murdering civilians in cold blood, and not wearing a uniform during all this.

Brutal? Hell yeah. But certainly no worse than what his victims got.

* * *

Sunny today, "wintry mix" tomorrow. *sigh*

I had intended to visit my satellite locations tomorrow but now it's sounding like I'll be doing that Thursday, instead, because I have a crapton of stuff to do in the morning. Argh. And, "wintry mix".

They had an evacuation drill today. You see, some of the stuff they work with at that place is nasty; if a tank cracked open and there was a "major loss of containment" it could be, uh, bad. So this piercing alarm goes off and tells everyone to GTFO the building. Also useful for fires or other disasters, of course.

They also simulated rescuing a worker who was injured and unable to evacuate. Once that person was rescued, the "all clear" was sounded and we went back inside.

The whole exercise cut approximately half an hour out of my afternoon, though, and I ended up staying half an hour late to get a PC image started. By the end of this week I'll be replacing a half dozen desktop computers in the breakroom, and I've only got two imaged so far. One guy, three locations, and a backlog of tickets--today I got to work and by the time I'd gotten to the bottom of prioritizing the tasks before me it was already an hour and half into my shift. FFS.

Plus side, the stack of inventory problems is slowly dwindling. I now have five computers on my list, where last week it was twenty, and that's a good thing. I've finished clearing the stack of "where does this go?" machines, too.

Just gotta keep punching, is all.

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