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#6914: What do you mean, "becoming"?

Illinois' state government has been unjust for a long, long time.

It's a Democrat machine state. What more proof do you need?

* * *

This is not news, either. The mainstream media has been very credulous of any story that is bad for a Republican, but very, very suspicious of any story that is bad for a Democrat--and it's been like that for much longer than I've been alive.

That's why ABC tabled the story. Not because there wasn't enough evidence, but because the evidence showed how badly some Democrats behave.

The thing that really galls me about all this is that these people aren't hiding the truth because they're ashamed of it. I could almost sympathize with their position if they were all shame-faced and trying to change the subject because they were embarassed that one of their guys got caught doing bad things with children.

But they're not.

They're not ashamed of it. Incredulous or exasperated, maybe--"For fuck's sake, Bill, couldn't you just for once keep it in your pants??"--but not ashamed or embarassed or anything of the sort. The only thing they're sorry about is that Epstein got caught, and had dirt on so many of their people.

The only reason they're downplaying it and changing the subject (after trying to connect Trump to it, which failed miserably) comes down to the fact that IT LOOKS BAD. The average citizen of the United States hates child molestors. The Democrat-media complex doesn't want to cover stories that makes Democrats look bad, and believe me, this story makes a whole hell of a lot of them look very, very bad indeed.

And that's why ABC didn't run the story. Not because it wasn't corroborated enough, not because it was too controversial, not because there was a bigger story...but because it made Democrats look bad.

* * *

Speaking of Democrats looking bad, Ace hits one out of the park, again.
No offense, assholes, but if you're going to consistently spend a billion dollars every four years to get a socialist candidate elected, it's about time that you, the pipers calling this tune, started to pay for the tune.
Those rich assholes want socialism to be paid for by everone else. I don't think they've quite grasped the fact that socialist economies eat the rich first.

* * *

Mexico is essentially run by the drug lords now. We need a closed border more than ever.

* * *

Made a nice batch of spaghetti for dinner. Ate plenty of it. Feel good.

My only real complaint is that the garlic bread doesn't have much garlic flavor on it.

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