atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

Megumi's Diary, Chapter Two

Now that I'm a few pages into it, I'm liking the direction that the story is taking.

Chapter Two presented a few challenges for me right off the bat. Problem #1 was how to get Jun-chan (who, in the first chapter, walked out of class after saying "screw you bitch" to her homeroom teacher and flipping her the bird) back into the classroom without a long and tedious scolding-and-apology scene. I dealt with that in one page, using a sort of voiceover-montage-flashback thing, where Megumi's box text (ie the writing in her diary) was covering it.

Problem #2 was the introduction of Hiroaki. That one took some doing, but overall I'm well pleased with how it reads. As of page 7 of chapter two I have the situation nicely set up: Megumi has told us (via her diary) that she's in love with Hiroaki, and he has told her that it would be much better for her if she never spoke to him again.

I have a list of characters I'm planning to use in the story. If I introduce one or two per chapter, it'll take a good 5 or 6 chapters just to introduce everyone. Fortunately, I don't need all of them right off the bat, and in fact the basic story could get along fine with just half of them--so I may never use some; we'll see.

The balance of chapter two will, therefore, be devoted to explaining why Hiroaki told Megumi that she would be better off never speaking to him again. (I think. Depending on what the Hand has to say about it....)

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