atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6915: Home for the spaghetti!

Came home for lunch because I wanted to have leftover spaghetti for lunch. The batch of pasta I made last night came out very nicely indeed; how much nicer, then, to be able to eat it from a pasta plate.


* * *

Because public schools no longer teach civics classes, over-entitled snowflakes think that they just need to "disagree" with a police officer in order to get away scot-free. But that's not how it works. When you're pulled over for a traffic violation, whether you disagree with it or not, you do what the cop says. Even if you think that you're being pulled over for "driving while black", you still do what the cop says.

The cop is allowed to require you to produce ID. If he asks to see your driver's license and your proof of insurance (or registration) you are obligated to produce it.

You do not refuse a lawful order from a cop. If he decides to arrest you, you let him arrest you; at that point the court will decide whether or not it's a lawful arrest. You can sue him if it's not.


* * *

Leftist clowns further beclown themselves. Trump Jr. going on "The View" shows some real stones.

* * *

Cold today, but sunny. December weather a few weeks early.

The back pain has receded to what is largely just a continuous ache, with occasional sharp stabs. I've been taking meloxicam in the mornings before work; that's probably why. It's primarily an NSAID but it's also a pain reliever, and it seems to help tremendously. I keep thinking about calling the doc and asking for muscle relaxant, though. That might help.

Sometimes the pain goes down to my left knee, which means sciatic nerve. I've had that pain plenty of times before, so it's not (only?) advancing age. I'm hoping that--given a couple more weeks --it'll go away entirely.

Really need to get after the Jeep this weekend, though. Exhaust still needs repair.

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