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#6916: Even though my back hurts, it's a moment of joy!

Paid my bills at lunchtime today--came home to do it--and finished off the spaghetti.

After work, I went to Menards in order to buy some much-needed supplies for finishing the spare room. Bought outlets and a switch, and new cover plates. Also, a new floor register for the master bath.

Walked through their Christmas display and had that moment of joy: Christmas is coming.

Then I picked out an O-scale car for the train set. This year, I picked a UTLX tank car in honor of the new job. The plant takes delivery of coconut oil via just such railroad cars, so I thought it was fitting.

Then I ordered Chinese from the Menards parking lot, drove over there and picked it up, and got home. Now I sit at my computer on Friday night, my bills are paid until December, and I have a nice bait of delicious food to eat.

The problem with my back is now pretty much down to muscle spasms. Move the wrong way and everything goes ZOING!! and I'm grunting in pain with each step. Days and days of near-constant tension, trying to prevent the stabbing pains, has left the muscles so tightly knotted that I'm starting to think the only way to get them un-knotted is to take muscle relaxants.

SO I called the doc's office, and the soonest they can get me in is Monday. *sigh* So all I can really do is try to relax over the weekend, apply moist heat, etcetera.

Not helped by the fact that it was a balmy 59° in my office this morning. At that, I've got it good; two doors down it was 47°. Supposedly the heat in that part of the building is going to be fixed this weekend.

Over the course of the day the temperature rose, eventually hitting 66°. I almost needed my swim trunks.

* * *

To my surprise, Arse Technica is skeptical that there is a "climate emergency". Those guys never saw a global warming story they didn't believe 100%, so it's kind of surprising that they're taking this attitude.

Of course the eco-nazi movement is no stranger to doomsaying and they are not saying anything they have never said before, multiple times, and been wrong in every last case. There is no reason to believe them to be right this time, that's for sure.

"The world could look like this!" Sure it could. It's also barely possible that the world could turn into a giant Gummi bear. But I don't think it's very likely. The natural corollary to "this could happen!" is "And maybe it couldn't."

* * *

Sorry, I think "Okay, Boomer" is hilarious.
The typical income of purchasers rose to $93,200 in 2018 as a lack of affordable options squeezed lower-income potential buyers out of the market.
If those Millennials weren't so lazy, they'd make that $93k per year right out of college, which they should have worked their way through, right? But hey, it's nothing that importing 100 million more low-income third worlders can't cure....
There simply is not as much economic opportunity today as there was in 1980 or 1970; and to make matters worse, a great number of things are incredibly more expensive.

In the 1970s it was possible to work part-time and pay your own way through college. That is flatly impossible today unless you either work part-time as a heart surgeon, or settle for community college. And even then, community college gets spendy fast. If you want to get a degree from anything better than a "C" grade school it's going to cost you $40,000 a year; and when you graduate from that school, chances are you're not going to earn any $40,000 a year with just a bachelor's degree.

It's also virtually impossible for a middle-class man to support a family on his earnings. It was possible in the 1970s, and even into the 1980s, but after about 1985-ish that stopped being an option for a large percentage of the population. Taxation and the national debt saw to that.

Meanwhile, wages have been largely stagnant, because (as Vox Day noted) we're importing unskilled workers by the millions. Minimum wage has been able to sit at $7.25 an hour for so long because there is competition for jobs at that cost; anyone who thinks he should be paid more than that to flip burgers or stock shelves is priced out of the market by people from third-world countries, who would cheerfully work sixty hour weeks for half that much. (And in the case of illegal aliens, do.)

If we weren't doing that, minimum wage would be irrelevant. Jobs would be chasing workers instead of the other way around, and wages would naturally rise.

Boomers delight in telling you how bad they had it when they were growing up--but they inherited an economy which was working smoothly and efficiently...and fucked it up for everyone.

* * *

Speaking, by the way, as a Baby Boomer.

* * *

NYC's commie mayor Bloomberg is thinking about running for President. That'd be hilarious.

* * *

This is asking the wrong question. The real question is, "Why don't Democrats care that so many of their elites are child molestors and/or degenerates?"

Roman Polanski rapes a 14-year-old girl, and the Hollywood left rushes to defend him. "It wasn't rape-rape," Whoopi Goldberg famously said.

As fatuous as that statement is, I understand what she was trying to say with it. What she meant is that Polanski didn't have to force the girl to let him have his way with her. He didn't kidnap her and tie her up and molest her. He made a pass, she accepted, things happened. Of course he plied her with God-knows-what first, and she was only 14, so that's "date rape" and "statutory rape", but it's not "rape-rape".

The same thing happens with every other case. Bill Clinton, credibly accused of raping a woman (actual "rape-raping" a woman) doesn't even raise an eyebrow from the left, up to and including the subset of women who think anytime a penis enters a vagina, it's rape, regardless of any other circumstance.

They don't care about it because sexual perversions are a tool they use to get rid of opponents. They don't actually care about the safety of children or women, and they love being able to control someone by threatening to tell the world about that time he diddled a 12-year-old on Epstein's island. People on their side will never, never ever be threatened with exposure, but of course having that dirt on them helps to keep them in line.

That's why the history of leftism is so full of people who are basically just evil.

* * *

In the 1990s when they found out that Traci Lords was 16 when she made her earliest films, I don't recall anyone being arrested. The tapes got pulled off the shelves, is all.

On the other hand, the alleged perpetrator sounds like a really charming person, so I guess it's warranted.

* * *

"What happens when CNN and NBC become Pravda and Izvestia because they wanted to?" That's already happened, at least to a very large extent. The mainstream media's coverage of Obama was hagiographic to the point of being fellatio, for crying out loud.

Should the Democrats gain their permanent majority, that is when the mainstream media will indeed become those vanished Soviet propaganda papers.

* * *

Two billion dollars per launch. That's what SLS is going to cost.
[NASA] did not deny the estimate that producing and flying one SLS rocket in a given year--which is the production capacity core stage contractor Boeing may be able to reach by the early 2020s--will be more than $2 billion. The first SLS launch could come in 2021.
"Could". $2 billion, one flight a year.

Boeing--the largest aerospace manufacturer in the world--could make only one rocket a year. Flying it would cost $2 billion. R&D costs (part of the "cost plus" program) bumps the total amortized cost of the program: "If these costs are amortized over 10 launches of the SLS vehicle during the 2020s, the per-flight cost would be approximately $4 billion per flight." That's ten flights (one flight per year!) at a total cost of FORTY BILLION DOLLARS.

Meanwhile, SpaceX--a Falcon Heavy in "disposable" mode can heft 2/3 of the SLS's payload for $150 million. So, for that $40 billion that SLS would cost? You get


Falcon Heavy flights.

Okay? Does that spell out how much of a colossal waste of money SLS is? Ten hundred-ton loads to orbit, versus two hundred and sixty-seven 64-ton loads--what's that mean? 1,000 tons with SLS, or--are you ready for this?--17,088 tons with Falcon Heavy. To get just that 1,000 tons to orbit with Falcon Heavy you're spending a bit less than $2.4 billion. A bit more than half the price of one SLS launch. And that's WITHOUT reusing the Falcon Heavy boosters!

Boeing thinks it has a future in space exploration. Not like that, it doesn't.

* * *

So, years and years ago, I made this composite image, because a fluffy white kitten and a random guy at a Fiero club cookout had the same expression on their faces:

That poor guy; the first time I saw that picture I laughed and laughed at it, and posted in the thread about how hilarious that expression was. It wasn't the main picture--he was in the background--but I saw that and just lost it. The guy was a good sport about it, fortunately, but I explained that the whole reason it struck me so funny was because the expression looked like he was thinking, "OH, SHIT! MY WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM!!!"

There is a new addition here.


* * *

So, owing to the fact that I had a bad experience with restaurant-made hot-and-sour soup in the 1990s, I've preferred to make my own. Problem is, that makes a huge pot of it, and I'm the only one who eats it, so it ends up being wasted.

When I tried it from the place by work a couple weeks ago, that was heartening; tonight when I ordered Chinese from the usual place I ordered some H&S with it. And it's good. It's both hot and sour, as it should be.

Okay, then. Noted.

* * *

And, none too soon, it's Friday night. The weekend. This week went by surprisingly quickly. The problem is, with the weeks speeding by like this, it means that Thanksgiving is now a mere two weeks from now.

I suppose I'd better ask what the deal is for holidays at that place. I'm told that "if the site is open, you have to be there," but I'm trying to figure out who to ask first. See, I don't want to go to work on Thanksgiving (I don't mind working the day after) but what I don't want to do is to spend my day at the office there unable to do anything because all my clients are at home celebrating the holiday. I don't think the plant shuts down, but I'd bet about 90% of the office staff will be home, and the 10% who will be there won't need much IT support. I've got a fiver that says I could probably just keep my work phone close to hand and run over there if there was some kind of emergency, except that there wouldn't be any emergencies.

So I'm thinking I'll ask the site administrator first, and see what she says, then talk to the production supervisor, and get her input, before I talk to the infrastructure guy...and only after that will I talk to my actual boss. I expect their answers to approximate, "Stay home, it's fine," except maybe for the penultimate one.

And maybe I'm wrong. The chart says "plant holidays"--maybe they suspend production on those days. Which would be awesome if the site was closed.

We'll see, I guess. But I need to ask, and soon, because we need to start planning our holidays....

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