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#6920: That worked for a little while anyway

Massaging the knot on my lower back gave me some pain-free hours but it's back now. *sigh*

All I did was to stand in the kitchen for about 20 minutes or so making a batch of apple crisp, damn it. Nothing strenuous; just standing and peeling and cutting apples. And damn does it hurt now.

Really hoping the doc will give me what I ask for tomorrow. I'm not asking for frigging Vicodin, after all; just an NSAID that's stronger than OTC analgesics, and a muscle relaxant.

...though if I lived in a country with a reasonable health care system, I could get Vicodin. All those oxycontin addicts out there, they're not getting their pills from legal sources, and everyone involved knows it, so why the fuck can't an honest guy get some pills to deal with acute back pain?

The hell of it is, living as I do in a state which has legalized weed, I can get pot more easily than I can get Vicodin!

Friggin' clown world. Honk, honk.

* * *

"Why apple crisp?" You ask. I ask, WHY THE HELL NOT?

The real reason stems from the fact that my wife was burning this apple-pie-scented candle. I came out into the family room, smelled it, and thought it smelled like apple crisp, and that gave me a hankering. Had to go to the store anyway, so I picked up apples and butter pecan ice cream.

Fell asleep, got up a while ago, and started peeling and slicing apples. Now it's baking. And I sprinkled chopped walnuts on top because OF COURSE I DID!!! and it's going to taste so good I'll want to punch myself in the face.

Only made it once last year. I'll have to make it more this year, because it's so delicious and easy. I like it better than I like apple pie.

* * *

Ormusia hit 40th level in Classic WoW, and had enough gold to get her mount right away. I was left with 15 GP as it happens, so not totally impoverished by the purchase, and now she can get around much faster. It no longer takes forever to get someplace.

Classic has a lot fewer flight points; I'd forgotten that detail. So if you're questing in Stranglethorn Vale you have two choices: Booty Bay, at the extreme south end of the zone, or fly to another zone and hoof it in.

But I'm enjoying it. It's fun. And it seems like that fun is missing from the fully-expanded "Retail" version. Legion was fun, but then when "Battle for Azeroth" came along they made changes to Legion that made it a lot less fun.

Saturday I was sitting here playing Ormusia, and Mrs. Fungus got onto one of her Retail characters. That character gained three levels at the same time Ormusia advanced about 2/3 of the way through one.

So with the new expansion pack, due out next year about this time, Blizzard is radically overhauling levels and progression. You'll level your toon to about 50th level using the original zones, then pick the expansion pack you want to further level in. Level cap will be 60th.

*sigh* Doesn't sound like fun. We'll see, I suppose. But I really don't like how Blizzard keeps doing things which are best for casual gamers and ignoring the people who've played for a long time. I don't want to make a new character; I want to explore new content on Ormus, my main.

Lately, I've been giving some thought to changing how I play the game. I'm thinking that next year, during official summer--Memorial Day through Labor Day--I simply won't play it. Give it up for three months, use that time on other activities. As it is right now I get on the game for maybe an hour on weeknights, and then play several hours on the weekend. Not "hardcore" at all--"casual" level--but even so, that's maybe ten hours a week.

We'll have to see how it goes, of course.

* * *

I mentioned in an earlier post taht it was about two weeks to Thanksgiving; that was wrong. It's not on the 21st but on the 28th. That gives me an extra week to get ready!

Here's hoping I don't have to work it.

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