atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6921: Oh, my aching back

Doc prescribed steroids and muscle relaxants. I'm going back to the store in a few minutes to pick them up.

* * *

The Berlin Wall was meant to keep people enslaved. Good riddance to bad rubbish...thirty years ago.

* * *

I've said it and said it: marajuana is going to turn out to be worse for your health than tobacco is.

* * *

I don't understand how an airplane which is landing straight ahead can start to slide sideways. I mean, even when you're at taxi speed you still need to "fly" the airplane--you set the controls a certain way to minimize the effect of wind on the various airfoils--and that plane had not yet slowed to taxi speed when it started going sideways.

Anyway, the plane slid off the runway into a field, and no one was hurt, and the plane is probably repairable, so that's good. Best kind of aviation accident to have is where no one gets hurt.

* * *

Started watching Love, Chuniyobu, And Other Diseases on Netflix last night. It's very entertaining.

* * *

Started snowing early this morning, and snowed like the dickens for a couple of hours at least. Heavy enough that it was accumulating on the road. I ended up behind a guy who was being extra-cautious and so drove to work at about 20 miles an hour. Going to the doc's office there were plenty of places where snow was drifting across the road, too.

Low of 9° tonight. Cold.

Generally speaking I feel kind of flat, because being in pain wears on you. Although I had a lot of pain-free time yesterday I have not had a lot of it today. The pills prescribed by the doctor should help that, though, which is why I decided to wait for them instead of going back to work. Besides, with getting lunch and eating it and everything else, I would not have gotten back to the office before 3 PM at best.

...he rationalized.


* * *

The good news is, I will have Thanksgiving weekend off, the whole thing, all four days.

I was going to start to wax rhapsodic about how that hasn't happened for me for a long time, but it happened last year FFS. I forgot that; that job was such a royal pain (even though it became "work from home" not long after Thanksgiving weekend) that I forgot there were a couple of compensating bits in there. Like having started recently enough that I couldn't work from home yet, so they gave me the days off instead.

That was a pretty decent job, but I think that's the case only because I was working from home. If I'd had to be in an office all day every day, doing that job, I don't think I could have taken it. Too many ways to fail, not enough ways to succeed, and perilously little margin between them. When the team leads started to quit I should have twigged to it then.

Seriously: one day I found out that the guy who'd been my supervisor from the get-go had quit. No warning--he'd given notice, but apparently no one thought to say anything to the people who reported to him--and one day he was just gone and his email address didn't work. That's when I found out that he'd quit. And one afternoon I got an email from another supervisor telling me that day was her last day. She, too, had quit for greener pastures. These were good people, capable supervisors who knew the tech. To lose two like that in such rapid succession--well, that's a warning sign, isn't it?

* * *

Anyway, I'm going to go get my pills, and take them, in the hopes that my back will stop hurting so much.

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