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#6924: When the CEO says this, sell your stock

"The purpose of a company is not to make money." Vox Day asks, "If the purpose isn't to make money, then why do so many companies nevertheless insist on charging money for their goods and services?"

If I had time for nonsense, I'd go to Best Buy and insist they give me a bunch of free stuff: "Hey, your CEO said the purpose of a company isn't to make money!"

* * *

Related: Honestly, I don't know why Best Buy shut down their "Internet of things" back-end. After all, they're not in business to make money, are they? Their CEO said they were not. WTF.

* * *

Seats in Boeing's Starliner are 160% of the price of seats in SpaceX's Dragon. Guess which company has a "cost plus" contract and which one's doing the development on their own stick?

Actually both companies are getting money from NASA to develop the crewed capsules, but Boeing is suffering from thinking it's the only game in town, when it's not. Maybe Boeing is the only place the government can go for fighters and bombers, but there are other choices for civilian space flights.

And Dragon had a successful abort test so there'e one less hurdle to worry about.

* * *

It's not enough to allow vagrancy and to allow people to relieve themselves in the streets. In Denver, you are responsible for keeping the sidewalk in front of your business clean!

Government lets people pee and poop on the sidewalk, then fines businesses that don't clean it up.

This is the face of progressivism, AKA leftist.

* * *

Oh geez, Rick! So there's evidence that a lot of money went from Ukraine to Joe Biden's son...also John F'in Kerry and maybe even Obama. Bribe money, that is. As in "felony corruption charges".

I think this explains the current "impeachment investigation". And quite possibly the last four years of "Trump Derangement Syndrome" to boot.

* * *

Black Death in China! Yrsina Pestis is pretty hard to beat, and so far the best we've managed is simply to make sure to stay clean and employ proper sanitation.

You know, like not letting people shit in the street?

* * *

This would be lovely. Mike Madigan is the creep who (mis)manages Illinois. Of course, even if we got rid of him, there'd be someone elected to replace him, who'd have all the perks and powers of the current Speaker of the Illinois House, basically allowing him to run the state as his own personal feifdom.

But getting rid of Madigan would go a long way towards fixing things, even so.

* * *

Hey! The Toji Beach live-cam is back!

* * *

Today I spent nearly the entire day at my desk trying to move tickets forward. I actually closed a couple, but most of what I did was pushing, pushing, pushing--like Sysiphus. On the plus side, no new tickets were added to my queue. But getting the answers I need to solve the problems before me is taking far too much damned time.

I have a lot of freedom at my job. There is no one standing by my desk with a stopwatch--not even virtually--making sure I only spend X many minutes on each task. No one monitors where I am or what I am doing. Within certain limits I can take my lunch break whenever I choose, and I don't need to check with anyone before taking a break. It's okay if a call comes in while I'm away from my desk, for whatever reason, and it goes to voice mail.

During my training in Houston I was told of a guy who claimed 8 hours of work every day, but often didn't arrive until after 10 AM and left sometime around 3. They only caught him because all employees have to badge in and out of the sites; they looked at his badge times and his claimed work times and they did not agree at all, not even within reasonable limits.

And it would also be possible to appropriate all kinds of used gear. Like yesterday: I put six Core i5 desktop computers, sans hard drives, into the "ewaste" bin to be recycled. Vintage 2012, but with some cleaning and finagling they'd be really nice computers. That would be a bit much, but even so, if I walked out of the building with one under one arm no one would comment on it. I have a small collection of SSDs I'm keeping as spares; no one would miss them. The IT infrastructure manager for the site, he even as much as told me that the DVD-R drives in a couple of machines I was taking back to recycle might find a home elsewhere if one was needed, *wink* *wink*. And you know, the stuff isn't being sold; it's going to be recycled. The company doesn't get anything for it, so if a few little bits and pieces don't make it there, what's the harm? Right?

But my answer to all that is NO.

I get to work as close to 8 AM every day as I can manage, and I'm not leaving before 5 PM unless I have a good reason to--and my boss will know about it and my time card will reflect it.

I don't take anything that doesn't belong to me. I will keep a stock of useful used parts from machines I've recycled, but none of them will come home with me.

And, like today, I do my best to complete the tasks set before me to the best of my ability.

The freedom that this job has comes with the responsibility not to abuse it. I believe I have enough integrity that I don't have to worry about that.

* * *

Still damn cold outside, still cold in my office. When I got up to leave, I said to myself, "Well, might as well go home so I can take my coat off." I wore my parka the entire time I was at work today. *sigh*

I'm going to have to buy a good space heater, I guess.

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