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#6925: I have no sympathy at all.

She burned her US passport upon leaving the country. A judge said, "No tap-backs." This is exactly as it should be.

She made that choice. No one forced it on her. No one was trying to deport her. She left the country, burned her passport, joined ISIS, and in general gave aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States.

Now she regrets it, because Syria is an islamic shithole. Too bad.

I mean, how women are treated in islamic shitholes is not a frigging secret.

* * *

Entertaining. The #2 man in the Illinois legislature has "decided to retire" rather than run for office again. The feds appear to be closing in.

* * *

Yes, this.
Instead of the greatest achievement in the history of mankind, that of landing men on the moon, what the Boomer generation seems to consider their "cultural touchstone" was a bunch of losers rolling in filth, filling their bodies with mind-scrambling chemicals and listening to pretentious crapular music that has gratefully largely faded from history.
I noted in a conversation the other day that the Boomers think they invented music, recreational sex, recreational drug use, and socialism. They think they fought for these things, against a hostile "establishment", and won.

The truth of the matter is, their parents invented doomsday weapons, and were so freaked out about the impending end of the world that they let their kids get away with shit their own parents would have flensed them for doing. "Well, it's all going to blow up anyway, so why should I worry that my son dropped out of medical school and joined a commune?" "Well, I'm disappointed that my daughter is living in a trailer with four men, but, hell, they'll be dropping the bomb any day now."

The 1960s wrecked the American culture.

* * *

Democrats have tried to impeach five out of six Republican Presidents since Eisenhower. Even Gerald Ford!

* * *

Today, I was told that they are going to replace the heating unit for my corner of the building. The boss of the plant came by and observed that he didn't realize how cold it was over there. Supposedly the work's going to start on Monday. Woohoo!

...of course it was above freezing outside today, so my office was tolerably warm anyway, but that didn't happen until after noon.

* * *

And the weekend has begun, not a moment too soon. Today the back was achier than it has been all week (save Monday) but I know why: I had to rack and install a UPS and a drive array for a network server. I had a couple of guys from Maintenance to do the heavy lifting, but my problem is caused by sitting on the floor, hunched over. When I laid out straight to screw in the mounting rails for the UPS, my back went ZANGGG!!! and I went AAIGH!

But by quitting time, it had stopped hurting all that much and was back to the "moderate ache". I think a weekend's rest, with muscle relaxants and a heating pad, will help.

Anyway, got the components into the rack and the cables run. We're still waiting on a switch and a 30 amp power line for the UPS, anyway.

The only thing that I might do this weekend is to finally hang the blab slab in the basement. But that depends on a lot of factors.

Thanksgiving is two weeks away (for real this time). Looking forward to it.

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