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#6928: No nothin', just blah

I don't think there's an easy way to take an existing OS install and transfer it to a smaller partition. The HD in Achernar is something like 900 GB and the SSD is 250. The fact that I don't have anything like 900 GB of data on that HD notwithstanding. Clone tools want like-for-like and cannot adapt.

At least, the free ones.

So, last night I decided I would just reimage the computer, start from scratch--I do not have a great deal of time invested in the OS install since all I did was to get Win 10 installed and then add drivers, Pale Moon, and the K-Lite Codec pack.

My first thought was to download an image and make a DVD, but wait! I can do it with a UPS drive! So I found an empty one and shoved it into Achernar and let 'er rip. Had some issues getting it booted by the USB stick, but once I'd done that, off we went. Blang blang blang, oh: error message.

Looked up the error message. "This error won't occur when attempting to install from a USB drive." Guess what, Mr. Fucking Sky Pilot?

Gave up on that and downloaded an ISO image, burned it to DVD. At that point it was approaching 11:30 PM and I'd just about had enough, so when Mrs. Fungus went to bed I tucked her in, brushed my teeth, and did the same.

Perhaps at some point today I'll give it another try. But not right now.

* * *

The impeachment proceedings, in a nutshell. I agree.

* * *

With the Classic WoW graphics slider set at "7", on a desktop monitor, I was getting 45+ frames per second out of Achernar last night.

So with the SSD, right now Achernar cost $230. That's because I reused a case with power supply that I already had on hand, of course. But let's face it: you can get a case with power supply dirt cheap a lot of places. You can also get as fancy as your desires want and your wallet affords. I would not mind getting a smaller form factor case for Achernar, but it's not critical.

$230 invested for a low-end gaming rig is simply incredible.

* * *

But it's Sunday morning and it's not even 10 AM yet, and I wouldn't be up if I hadn't needed to eat something to stave off a headache. I think I'll go back to bed now.

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