atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6932: Just that one spot, though

What Laws of Thermodynamics?

You see, just that one little area of the globe saw record cold temperatures. Most everywhere else was above the baseline temperature! It's global warming, you science denier!


* * *

The mainstream media have squandered their reputation. The public no longer trusts the press because the press has demonstrated that it cares more about the fortunes of Democrats than it does about unbiased reporting of the news.

* * *

The thing looks like it was designed by a fifth-grader. And not an artistically talented fifth-grader.

* * *

Rotten Chestnuts has a good piece on why the Democrat party is marching forward to impeachment, despite the fact that it will end badly for them.

* * *

Had a seriously busy day today. Now I'm tired. That's why this is short.


On my way to work I was thinking about AV, and a few things occurred to me...and then I realized that to do it right there's going to have to be another book's worth of story.


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