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#6933: Any bets on what his position is on private gun ownership?

Illinois State representative illegally carrying a firearm. His CCW permit had expired. He had not renewed it. And, by the way, he was driving a car with a headlight out, which is why he was stopped in the first place.

Democrat, of course.

* * *

It's Saturday morning. Cold out there--frost on the grass--and the possibility of snow flurries.

Last night we bought our turkey for the upcoming holiday. 20 lbs, as we're having guests this time, and it's a whole bird. (I hope I have something big enough to brine it in.)

The thing that astounds me is how little we paid for it: $21. I do not understand how turkey farmers, stores--hell, the entire distribution channel--can afford that. Regular price is about double that, according to the tag on the thing.

...of course that is mere numbers printed on paper. The actual physical content of numbers is nil; we find them convenient for describing things but they have no intrinsic reality. ("Block transfer computation" from the Doctor Who episode "Logopolis" notwithstanding.) For all I know, everyone involved could be making a decent profit at that price, and the "normal price" is just to make it look like I'm getting a deal. I don't know anything about the poultry market.

But we got the bird, and we picked up a few other things. We need to do more shopping today, or tomorrow, or Tuesday, or quite possibly Wednesday. Whenever it is we decide to do it. Heck with it.

Not getting a caramel pecan silk supreme pie this time around. I'm making a batch of apple crisp. I'll have the 5,000-calorie pie at Christmas.

I am a bit excited for Thanksgiving's arrival.

* * *

There's this salsa for which Mrs. Fungus got the recipe a couple years ago. It's mostly cranberries; but you add half a cup of sugar, a quarter-cup of cilantro, some lime juice, and dice up a couple-three jalapenos into it. Use a food processor to blend it all together. You serve it atop a layer of creme cheese and eat it with crackers, and somehow it manages to be spicy without vulcanizing your mouth. Probably it's the sugar offsetting the heat from the peppers. Very good. I may post the entire recipe if it occurs to me.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I had a gander at the first episode of Watchmen and neither of us was very impressed with it. My first impression of the thing is "left-wing fantasy". Like, "Hey, Handmaid's Tale is doing great, let's do something like that!"

Female lead is teaching kids about making meringue and tells them that if there's even a hint of yolk in the egg whites it won't work, and I don't think I've ever seen a metaphor for white supremicism more clumsily presented than that one. We naturally got the "slender, lithe woman kicks the hell out of many armed and brawny men" thing, in spades.

I told Mrs. Fungus that we really ought to watch at least one more ep (possibly two) before we decide whether or not to keep watching. I'm not normally that charitable about this kind of stuff but I have heard a few good things about the series, and I don't feel like I've seen enough yet.

That's pretty rare. Normally, by the end of the first ep of a show, I know how I feel about it. But I came into this expecting it to be left-wing fantasy (as the source material decidedly is) so the real question is, what kind of left-wing fantasy is it? Is it something I can tolerate, or is it just horseshit? (Handmaid's Tale is the latter and I knew that from the get-go.)

The series takes place some significant amount of time after the events of the comic book/movie, the story in which Ozymandias fakes an interdimensional alien attack to prevent WWIII. They got Jeremy Irons to play him for this series, and he's no spring chicken.

Well, we'll see, I suppose.

* * *

The original Red Dawn was dismissed by critics as "right-wing fantasy", mainly because most critics thought the USSR was just peachy. I liked the movie, a lot. Then again, I'm a right-winger, and knew that the movie's depiction of what it would have been like if the USSR had invaded America was pretty damned accurate.

Anyway, because of that, it amuses me to dismiss things like Handmaid's Tale as "left-wing fantasy".

* * *

As for me, I feel pretty good. It's been several days since I last had any significant back pain. A few twinges here and there, such as the other night when I replaced the Jeep's headlight. Today I need to replace outlets in the spare room and put covers on them; we'll see how I feel after that chore's done.

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