atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6934: There are a few issues though

Finally, for the first time in seven weeks, I had a pain-free day yesterday. My gut did not bother me, my back did not bother me, nothing in my midsection hurt or ached or twinged at all. I took no pain relievers or muscle relaxers.

But of course the cessation of drugs has brought with it a minor problem: I'm not sleeping very well. I woke up three times last night and had trouble falling asleep again. The first muscle relaxant I took hit me like a load of bricks; since then, I've just been more sleepy than normal. Generally I was able to resist it but once it was bed time, I slept like a log.

Because of that, I feel a little...out of sorts. Well, the coming week is a short one, anyway.

* * *

Didn't see a dang thing in the news that prompted me to write anything opinionated. Last night Mrs. Fungus and I watched several eps of Mad Men, which is old, and otherwise we did nothing of note. I didn't even do the work in the spare room that I'd wanted to do.

The only thing I did was to go out and get gyros for dinner. I've been wanting a gyro since earlier this month, so that took care of that.

I need to get some work done in the garage, though. Put the bike back together since I'm obviously not going to be cleaning the carbs before next year; and get the snowblower accessible and crank her up so I know the thing will start if and when it snows enough that I need it.

Well, got a long weekend coming, maybe then...?

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