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#6935: Damn it, that's no good

Back was aching a bit today. Gonna have to take a muscle relaxant this evening. Crud.

* * *

Arse Technica keeps talking, in admiring tones, about how China is launching more rockets than anyone else so it's about time they got around to mentioning how little China cares about dropping big cans of toxic waste on poor villages.
It has happened many times before, including most infamously in 1996 when a Long March 3B rocket veered off course shortly after a launch and crashed into a village. Chinese officials reported six dead from the accident, although Western sources have speculated that hundreds of Chinese citizens may have died in the accident.
Oh no, of course not! No, the Chinese government is a paragon of truth and responsibility! They'd never lie about how many people their carelessness killed. China is the glorious workers' paradise, where the proletariat owns the means of production, and everything is done for them!

* * *

Related: "Apple Is Destroying The Planet To Maximize Profits". ZeroHedge tends to be a bit too environmentalist, but Apple has this reputation for being "woke" and "conscious" and oh-so-liberal, don't you know.

When, in fact, they're just as greedy and callous as the worst robber barons of the industrial age. They're worse, in fact, because they're hypocritical about it: they cloak their rapaciousness in lip service to ecology and conservation and sustainability.

I would not have this iPhone if I'd had to buy it myself.

* * *

There's a reason that these standards are deemed "insensitive". It's because it's a certain subset of the general population which doesn't discipline its children such that they learn how to behave in public.

* * *

Heinlein was right about a lot of things. That's why I can look past the fact that there were a lot of problems with his personal beliefs.

* * *

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and it's the last workday of my week.

Something nice: I was in the conference room trying to get a conference call station working, when the manager of the site came in and handed me an envelope, which turned out to contain a gift card that's accepted by a number of major grocery chains. Everyone at the site got one, of course, and I thought that was amazingly thoughtful. I mean, giving it on Monday of Thanksgiving week so people could use it to pay for at least some of their Thanksgiving feast, that was the icing on the cake for me.

Tomorrow I have to hie myself to an off-site location to do some prep work on a server room. *sigh*

Meanwhile, last night the right side of my head clogged up solid. Not enough to hurt, just enough to keep me awake long after bedtime. My blood pressure is high, and I'm taking an ACE inhibitor for it, so I can't take anything which vasoconstricts like Sudafed or its less-effective but non-meth-precursor substitute, phenylephrine. Got a bottle of guaifenisin and I'll just take one of those every four hours until my sinuses drain or my head explodes, whichever comes first.

* * *

Watched an ep of Umbrella Academy last night. Didn't remember that we'd started to watch it, but we had, and I guess something came up. Anyway, the music in that show is fantastic; that's what drew me in. Whoever scored that thing had some very obvious influences by musicians I like.

* * *

November is almost over. Soon it'll be December.

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