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#6936: Location: FEAST

Put up the "out of office" notification on my door. From 11/27/19 until 12/2/19 I will be out of the office.

Location: FEAST

* * *

Realize that the first Thanksgiving only occurred after the Pilgrims had given up socialism. They didn't call it that; Karl Marx was two, three hundred years in their future. But the society they tried to build in the New World was founded on that disastrous wishful thinking, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

They had this system where everyone would pool the fruits of their labor, and then everyone would get an equal share of it. A 100% tax rate accompanied by government redistribution of their economic output.

And they almost starved to death.

The next year, everyone was allowed to keep the fruits of his labor...and there was plenty.

* * *

Just try to shout down police sirens, you antifa asshats.

* * *

If you do beat the shit out of an antifa dickhead, yank off his mask and take pictures of him and then plaster them all over social media.

They wear masks because they do illegal things. Expose them.

* * *

I have heard before that Death of Stalin is a good movie.

* * *

Democrats want you to be poor. Dirt poor. They want that because the middle class doesn't need government to give them food and housing and health care. The middle class works and earns that stuff for itself. The poor need all that stuff given to them.

On the other end of the scale, the rich need government, too, but for a different reason: they want to remain rich, and the only way they can do that is to make sure that they collectively own enough government officials that the government won't tax them to death. Or, worse, make it so that the middle-class can become rich. That would be horrible. Who wants a bunch of nouveau riche hicks from flyover country intruding on places reserved for those with old money?

* * *

There will be a massive property tax increase in Chicago and Cook County. It will not be this year and it probably will not be next year; I'm thinking 2021 is when a massive increase is going to be pushed through.

But it will happen. Because no one can do anything about fixing the root cause, which is that the Democrat machine overpromised and under-invested for decades and the bill is now coming due.

* * *

Science talk!

I would need to see a much more in-depth discussion of this including force diagrams before it made sense to me.

You don't need dark matter to keep galaxies together if you use General Relativity instead of Newtonian mechanics but the latter is easy and the former is hard.

Stop talking about gravity as a force. It's an emergent property of curved four-dimensional space-time. But this new particle they think they might have found will lead to interesting developments, even so.

Greenland has been cooling since 2001 which makes perfect sense. Why do we put ice in our drinks? To make or keep them cold. How does the ice do this? By melting. So if a glacier melts, it requires that there be a reservoir of heat from which it can absorbs energy.

* * *

Tried to listen to the Moody Blues' Long Distance Voyager. Put the disk in, WinAmp auto-started...but there was no user interface showing. Managed to make it show up but then this popped up on the screen:

"Guru meditation"? WTF is this, an Amiga emulator?

* * *

Because I took Wednesday off this week, I have a five-day weekend. I am being paid for four days this week but I worked two and I'm just as happy.


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