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#693: Boortz, finally

The guy is on Eastern time and I have to wait until it's almost 9 AM central time for his update? Must be nice to work those hours. (I kid.)

Lieberman is the only cool Democrat out there. Well, him and Camille Paglia, anyway.
Sen. Joe Lieberman on Thursday painted a dim picture of his party, saying Democrats have given up their moral authority on foreign policy because they are more concerned with opposing Republicans than doing what is right.
That's great. And correct.

The Democrat Party has a history of this kind of nonsense, too. They did it to Vietnam in the 1970s. But with the "alternative media" they can't get away with doing that kind of thing with Iraq; if the Democrats vote to "de-fund" the Iraq war, the American people are going to know about it, and there won't be any way they can control the "spin" on the story: it'll be obvious to all and sundry that the Democrats don't actually "support the troops", nor are they particularly interested in preventing another 9/11.

This is why the Democrat Party has not actually taken the step of cutting off the supply of money to the war effort. They could; they control both houses of Congress. There are a variety of ways the Democrats could slug President Bush with the bill such that he would pretty much have to sign it. But if they do that, it's going to hurt them politically because the majority of the American people really do support the troops. (They may not like the war, but they support the troops.)

Until and unless the Democrats rid themselves of their military-loathing attitudes and get hep to the fact that it's a dangerous world out there, it's going to be hard for many people to take seriously any sentence including "Democrats" and "national security".

This, I thought, was interesting:

The Ohio legislature is in the middle of a big stink. A bill has been proposed that would require all registered sex offenders to have a neon green license plate on their car. They already have to notify the community, probably put signs on their lawns, huddle in fire stations on Halloween, and probably move to neighborhoods without schools or churches. But hey, why not stop there?

In fact, why should government stop there? Let's make red license plates for drug offenders. How about blue license plates for obese people? Oh and black license plates for smokers ... I like that one. Do you see where I'm going with this, folks?

While were at it, let's tattoo "sex fiend" on their foreheads.
And he linked to this article which went into more detail.

I agree that sexual predators are a problem for society and that we need to take measures to protect children from them. But I also agree with the "prosecutors, sheriffs and police chiefs" who say that "...the plates will cause vandalism and harassment against the offenders, as well as road rage and traffic hazards."

We have strong instincts to protect our children; some people lack self-control and might--if having a bad day--choose to take out their frustrations on "that fricking pervert with the green plate on his car!" "'re from [other state], sorry. Well, officer, I thought he was a sex offender."

One would hope that "neon green" would be striking enough for someone not to make that mistake, but color blindness could play a factor, you know.

I get where Boortz is going with this, though. Sex offenders are bad people, yes--but if they are so dangerous that we must be able to identify them on sight then why the hell aren't they in prison for life?

I think Boortz is on the right track. Let's make convicted murderers use black plates, though. Convicted rapists would have to have neon yellow plates. Anyone convicted of any drug charge (or DUI) whatsoever gets a bright magenta plate. Anyone who's had more than two speeding tickets in the last five years gets a special plate, too; that would help a lot.

But, you say, but this would be unfair! point.

Someone who used to be my friend, and who I haven't seen since 1992, was accused of molesting a little girl. I don't think that he did anything wrong; the situation he was in may have been a misunderstanding. He was drawing a picture of a young girl, at her request; somehow this turned into him "fondling" her. I don't know all the details; I don't know if she complained that he fondled her or the girl's mother made that complaint. What I do know is that he copped a plea bargain--this was around 1987, so he didn't have to "register" himself or anything--and it still pretty much ruined his life.

Isn't that enough?

Green plates on their cars--what the hell, why not just tattoo "SEXUAL PREDATOR" on their foreheads?

The bill was prompted by a prominent case in which a young girl was kidnapped, abused, killed, and dismembered.

"'If this sex offender had green license plates Kristen would have known to stay away and not to get in his car,' said friend Christina Haley."

This reminds me of the story about the kid who was late getting home, tried to beat a train on his bicycle, failed, bounced his head off the rail, and got brain damage. "If only he'd been wearing his bike helmet!" His mother said tearfully.

"If...?" What? The kid tried to beat a freaking train. On a bicycle. If he hadn't done that his mom would have scolded him for getting home late but he wouldn't be brain-damaged.

If Kristen had known not to get into a stranger's car, chances are she'd be alive now. I hate to sound so callous, but that's basic fricking common sense. It doesn't matter if his car has white, green, blue, red, purple, or polka-dotted license plates: Never get into a car with a stranger.

I was told a lot of things like that, by my parents, when I was a little kid. It's tragic that Kristen's parents never told her those kinds of things. But green license plates for bad people won't change a damned thing. (Unless, I don't know, maybe you also make it illegal for child molestors to rent cars.)

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