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#6940: A couple of quick bits

Don't feel like pounding out 1,500 words on anything right now. Sorry.

* * *

Part of President Trump's trade deal has the US selling rice to China. Which has never happened before.

* * *

As usual the reboot is SJW-ified and incoherent. Party of Five has been rebooted to be "woke" with the usual level of stupidity. and dad have been in the country illegally for 18-24 years and have been financially successful enough to achieve middle-class status, but never went about the process of becoming legal immigrants?

And I'm supposed to have sympathy for them?
No. Not just no, but HELL NO.

* * *

I've seen this a couple of places but it was always in a video format and I didn't have time to figure out how it works. With the photos there, now I know.

The string in the center is the one that actually supports the upper half of the structure. The three strings around the periphery are merely there to stabilize it and keep it aligned so the center string can do its job. (Well, I say "merely" but without any one of them, the thing would collapse.)

* * *

I woke up this morning about 5 AM (after getting to bed around 2:30) and realized that garbage pickup was today, so I put on coat and shoes and hauled the can down to the foot of the driveway. That'll do.

* * *

I bought one of those fat-separating measuring cups. That made it a heck of a lot easier to make the gravy and to keep nearly all the grease out of it. I still didn't make as much gravy as Mom used to make, but I made plenty and I am zeroing in on the formula.

With the drippings in the pan and heated to a near-boil I started making the roux, and kept adding Wondra to it and stirring with a whisk until it had turned gelatinous, at which point my courage ran out and I started adding chicken broth to get the right consistency.

One issue with making gravy from a brined bird is that it comes out salty. Need to start using low-sodium chicken broth.

...but nonetheless it came out fine. This time, the kind of starchy taste that former attempts had was missing, which means the roux cooked correctly, and the gravy simmered long enough after I was done making it.

And of course, last night's dinner was open-faced turkey sandwiches with gravy, a perennial favorite of mine.

* * *

We're at day four of my five-day weekend. How relaxing. The new week will soon begin, and with it, the holiday season and a couple weeks' worth of hectic times at work while I try to get everything done before Christmas comes.

Shopping, work stuff, getting a tree, preparing for the's going to be a bit of effort, all right, but that's not really a problem.

Looks like the plant shuts down entirely for Christmas eve and Christmas day, too. Going to need to request my anniversary off, of course.


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