atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6942: Well, that was relaxing

Did not get so much as one single solitary chore done, but I did find the last three days to be very relaxing!

I know that the Protestant work ethic states that we must use our time profitably, idle hands, the devil, blah blah blah, etcetera. "Hey, it's a five-day weekend! Think of everything you can get done!"

Horseshit. People aren't machines. They need time to rest and relax.

The one chore that I did this weekend was to move our bed from the master bedroom into the spare room. The master bedroom is next on the repaint list, and it's the last major room to be painted in the house. (The master bathroom is an L-shaped space and fairly small.) So we got the bed out of it preparatory to doing that.

The dressers are the only other furniture in there; I can move them to the center of the room and cover them with drop cloths. No problem there. And we'll follow the same formula we have been; I'll prep the surfaces and paint the ceiling Ultra White and the walls will be some color. At some point subsequent to that we'll have carpet put in both the spare and master bedrooms.

Moving that bed was a ball-buster, though. The mattress is huge and ungainly, and for some stupid reason only has handles on the sides, not the ends--and it absolutely would not slide on the carpeting. No mattress I have ever had in my life was that f-ing difficult to move.

But we did it. Got it into the spare room, oriented correctly, on the foundation and box springs.

So I, around other things, will start pecking away at surface prep. I do not expect to paint that room before January, but you never know. December's not a good month to start working on a home improvement project, not when you have 40,000 other things on your plate, but we'll do what we can.

* * *

At some point I've got to get the Jeep's exhaust situated. I'm sick of it being loud and clunking against stuff when I hit bumps. There hasn't been one weekend since the end of August where I had decent weather and I was hale and hearty enough to do physical labor.

Moving the bed did not, to my surprise, cause me any undue difficulty, and I feel fine--I'd expected to be in a lot of pain today--which means I'm in pretty good shape after all the horseshit of October.

At some point I must either get some good weather, or get the Jeep into the garage, so I can fix that f-ing exhaust system. I've only had the parts since early 2018!

...starting to think about finding a place with indoor storage that I could stash the Mustang over the winter. Be nice to be able to get the truck into the garage and fix it.

Other thought, longer term, is to get a building permit and put up a proper shed in the back yard, and store all the power implements in it: lawn mowers, snow blowers, weed trimmers, fertilizer spreaders, pool stuff, dirt bike, lawn chairs and patio furniture, hoses, shovels and rakes, ladders, etcetera. Simply getting all that stuff out of the garage would make a ton of room in there, probably enough that even with the Mustang in it I could fit another car in, with a reasonable amount of room to work around it.

Insulate the outer walls of the garage and put up drywall. Maybe pay someone to come in and mud it for me--and then a nice coat of paint, something inexpensive and light-colored. Then, lighting--proper lighting, LED, and enough of it so it's no longer dingy in there.

Following the theme of the rest of the house, the garage was originally lit by a single screw-in fixture. One bulb to light the whole thing. When a garage door opener was retrofit in the mid-1970s that gave us a second bulb to light it. Where the ceiling fixture could handle a 100 watt bulb, the opener could handle 75, so we had a grand total of two light bulbs to light a space some twenty feet on a side.

I've got a single fluorescent fixture hung from the garage door opener, so when I turn on the light now it's much brighter in there--but it's still not what I'd call "well lit".

What I want is to have at least four LED fixtures, strip-style, hung from the ceiling. Six would be better. That ought to light every corner of the place, and then if I needed to fix something I could see well enough to do it. You know?


And as long as I'm dreaming, maybe a lift...?

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