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#6943: This is getting irritating

Went to Menards after work, needing a new light bulb for over the stove.

I don't recall when it was, exactly, but I took a 15w equivalent LED bulb out and replaced it with a 40w equivalent LED bulb. The 15w bulb had lasted for quite a long time, but was dim, and I wanted more light.

The 40w bulb died. It's turned into a strobe light. And it's a GE bulb! Name-brand! WTF.

I kept the 15w bulb but of course I can't find it, so I went to Menards to buy another one. They had one style of LED bulb that was (I thought) the right size. 15w equivalent. Finally I gave up and grabbed it, then spent some time meandering through the store and looking at things.

Depending on how I decide to go with the master bath, I might replace the shower stall with a smaller one--36" square instead of the oblong one that's in there now, and similar in construction to the original shower stall. That would give me room to put the cat boxes in the niche thus created, and return the shower to function, letting us shower in there instead of the main bathroom. And that would save a lot of trouble in other areas.

I will probably have to re-plumb the bathtub drain, because it was installed by a jerkwad; in the 25 years since it was installed that bathtub has never drained very quickly. ...but I was also looking at a whirlpool tub, which ran about $600-ish, and which would drop right into that space without much alteration. It's taller than the existing tub; that would mean trimming the existing surround (the expensive one from Bath Planet). But it'd be nice to be able to run a tub of hot water and then turn on the pump and let it massage away your aches and pains.

Of course, when you do that, you need to run power to the thing, and I'd bet money there's a special thingamajig you need to install just right in order to keep the electricity out of the bath water. But it's not rocket science.

Just imagine: re-plumbing the tub drain because, after all, I was putting in the whirlpool tub my wife dreams of. (Heck, I dream of it myself.)

...and getting that shower working would be a nice plus in itself. Well, it's all on the list, anyway.

* * *

The Toji beach camera is still up and yesterday it looked as if it was snowing there. I'd love to be able to look at that view on Christmas day.

* * *

I know what he means, actually. Today as I was leaving work to get lunch, I happened to look at three SUVs in a row in the parking lot there. All grey, three different brands, and they looked virtually identical. One was a Honda, one was an Audi, and one was a Nissan. (And on the other side of the lot, a grey Ford of approximately the same configuration.)

And yes, cars cost a bundle--a big bundle--because there hasn't been any negative pressure on their prices. Let's face it: the days when you could buy a good used car on an entry-level salary are well over. These days anything under five years old is better than $15,000.

The federal government has so many rules for how cars must be designed that it's stifling the ability of car companies to design attractive vehicles. Further, these rules make them more expensive, because they still have to meet some seriously unrealistic fuel economy targets.

Who can blame the young 'uns for not caring about cars?

* * *

Karl Denninger doesn't pull any punches and says exactly what I was saying about Colin Kaepernick: "You're unemployable due to your own actions and you haven't learned a damn thing since you left the NFL."

* * *

Less guns equals more crime. Because criminals break the law. By definition.

* * *

Looks like Andrew is in deep doo-doo. That would be "Prince Andrew" except that he's not really a prince now that the royal family has removed him from "royal duties". The Duke of York.

* * *

So, Bloomberg's paper has announced that in order to be "fair", its reporters won't investigate and report on Democrat candidates.

Republican candidates will be, of course, but not Democrat ones. Because that's apparently being "fair", since Bloomberg is running for President as a Democrat.

This is naturally a definition of "fair" which only a Democrat could come up with.

The Trump campaign, meanwhile, has announced that no Bloomberg reporter will be given press credentials to campaign events, citing the fact that the publication has blatantly announced its pro-Democrat bias.

I think the White House ought to take the same step, in fact.

* * *

This is a really, really huge fucking surprise, now isn't it? Nuclear power doesn't "dismantle systems of oppression", which is why it can't be used to generate electricity instead of windmills and solar power.

The environmentalist movement is nothing but a watermelon: green on the outside, red on the inside. I guess that since a lot of leftward-leaning institutions (like Bloomberg) are dropping the facade, these asshats are doing the same.

* * *

Well, that was a nice weekend, but it was back to work today. Not too bad, even so.

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