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#6944: I had to come home to take my coat off

So, on my way home from work, I stopped at Ace and bought a light bulb for the stove, and a freaking space heater. The heater will go under my desk at work and be plugged in when I'm in the office. It will make a very inefficient kotatsu, but at least I won't be freezing my ass off.

Last night the remains of the Thanksgiving turkey went into the stock pot. Turned the heat off at 11:30 and went to bed; it was still hot to the touch at 5 AM. Before I left for work today I put it in the garage; when I got home I brought it back inside. Strained it; now the broth is boiling down to stock and a serving bowl full of shreds sits in the fridge, waiting for me to make turkey salad out of it.

For future reference, even if we are having guests, we do not need a 20 lb bird. I think 12 lbs would be fine; and when we're not having guests, a breast section would be perfectly acceptable.

Anyway, could be worse.

* * *

It is a matter of biological fact.

Of course it is "transphobic" to insist that biology is a scientific fact:

...apparently "advanced biology" supports the idea that a man can menstruate and a woman can have a penis. And "every major medical institution"?

Nero appointed a horse to the Senate. With that fact in mind, the 21st century left said, "Hold my beer."

* * *

Forcing electric cars on an unwilling world.

* * *

There is a hell of a lot of money in environmentalism in general, and global warming in particular. Do not be fooled by the people who claim there is not.

* * *

Yep, all those people will be missed after they commit suicide, sometime over the next week or so. Too bad they know something about the Clintons. I guess the weight of that knowledge will be too much for them to bear and they'll kill themselves.

They'll be missed, all right.

* * *

Today was a very frustrating day. People complaining at me over things I literally cannot fix--one problem is with SAP (which I have no access to) running in a data center which doesn't even belong to the company. The ticket for the issue is in the correct hands, yet people are bitching because I haven't fixed it. Then someone from the service desk calls me, I explain what's going on with it, and he asks, "Well, do you want the ticket assigned to you?"

I didn't say what I wanted to say, which was, "Not when the team it's assigned to is the one that can fix the problem, no, you fucking ass goblin." What I told him was pretty much that, though, without the editorializing. Everything before the first comma, I said.

This was after I had explained to him that the ticket is currently in the hands of the team that is actually able to fix the issue, by the way. And after I had sent a courteous email to the complainant explaining that the issue that is occurring is in a system I have no access to--and which the guy that called me had seen.

Another guy complained that his problem with a certain well-known piece of software hadn't been fixed yet. Basically, someone screwed up, and a whole bunch of people are having trouble with this software. Before today, the only known fix was to scrub the hard drive down to bare metal and reinstall the operating system. Now there's an actual fix for it, something that involves considerably less work than that. So-and-so was unhappy that he'd have to wait a few more hours.

And all of this came on the tail of me spending almost five hours butting my head against a weird problem: suddenly, multifunction printers all over the place stopped allowing people to scan to a shared network folder. I had two tickets from two of my sites, and it pretty quickly turned into three, and my own investigations revealed that a third printer was doing the same thing. Then one of the people who put in a ticket for that issue put in another one.

So I spent hours banging my head against this problem, trying to figure out what the fuck went wrong here, and finally I thought I'd figured it out (with the help of a coworker) when I found that the username that the printer was trying to use to access the network share was missing from Active Directory.

Well, no, said the network guys, after I sent them an email; the username works and the password works and these usernames are local to your sites and won't appear in AD and guess what you have no access to them so you can't fix this problem.

At least the network guys took over from there. Shit. But that was after I spent hours talking with coworkers and combing through printer setup menus and going down blind alley after blind alley. All the while freezing my ass off in an office that never got above 64 degrees and was actually much colder for most of the day. I was wearing my parka and had the hood up.

My original plan for today had been to go to one of my offsites and get some stuff done over there, but of course that plan was totally fisted in the ass by this printer problem.

By 5, though, things had calmed down, and I was in the process of getting that one guy's computer problem fixed. He had to leave so I told him I'd call him tomorrow morning and finish the repair then. *sigh*

I did get seriously discouraged today, but at least I recovered from it.

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